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  1. For sure. Just posting anecdotal evidence in case anyone else wanders past this thread looking for success stories. (For the curious, at present, I'm running kernel 2.6.32 with glibc 2.11.3.) FWIW, the WebUI from the other thread still seems to work better than the stock one.
  2. I can confirm that build 23090 does not periodically die, or at least, has been stable for me for at least 12 hours now. At least this helps prove it's not a library problem.
  3. I've got µTorrent Server up and working fine on my Debian 5.0 box, but it dies every six hours or so. While it's running as a daemon under its own steam at the moment, I had it running in a screen session to see if I could see what was happening and every time it died it complained of a segfault. I currently have just shy of 200 torrents seeding or queued, all of which are on private Gazelle-based trackers. My global connection max is set to 200, torrent max to 50, the max number of active torrents to 50, and the max number of downloading torrents to 5. Any possible solutions or logs I can hand over to ease debugging? I will add that transmission-daemon also died habitually with the same dataset (albeit less frequently – anywhere from two days to a week), although I've no idea if the problem is at all related.