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  1. Is it realy part of the downloaded data? I mean.. whats the .torrent then? And it gets stored somewhere else! :S
  2. couldnt the partfile be saved in another folder, like: "%appdata%/utorrent" ? Keeps everything tidier?
  3. hendrix

    Great programs you use

    Download this and youre all set, i havent got a file that doesnt work yet.. http://cccp-project.net/ ps. yes i know its a codec pack, but this one works great - its bundled with Media Player Classic and another one (BSPlayer?)!
  4. why is everyone going on and on about piracy??.. I am a "pirate".. I download some movies/albums/whatever.. and i bet that 99% of u do it too (dont even try to deny it!)!! My point is.. Dont use piracy as a argument to knock someone down!
  5. hendrix


    and why not .nu etc domains?
  6. hendrix


    adelfors.nu|SE edit: sorry!
  7. who cares if they think Bitcomets is better.. let them suffer!
  8. jesus, ppl are overreacting!!.. @Ludde, i trust you! Even if u keep working for/with that Peerfactor (not retspan) company!! edit: typo
  9. I agree with scubasteve and i cant say i like the new category view (i know u can turn it off).. I was hoping on something kinda liks this: http://img435.imageshack.us/my.php?image=utorrent9bw.png edit: couldnt get the img tags working.. sorry
  10. Why would Ludde sign up with them, i bet there are better offers out there for a programmer of Luddes qualities?? Strrrrange
  11. yaaaaaaay, finally!! Nicely done!
  12. shit, nooo.. i love that site! Good luck NiteShadow!!!!
  13. are we seeing a new logo on the site soon? Bsh, shrill.. whoever?!?!.. i mean there are 31 pages now..
  14. BSH, nice work.. i liked the top right one the most (aka the mutated wasp)..
  15. looks like BSH has a fan club! >
  16. hendrix


    Xertur. did u count the lines manually?????
  17. @Gooey: i like the butterfly! nice clean design!! Keep it up
  18. looking good.. but the staff/dev/whatever doesnt want a µ in the logo.. soooo! sorry
  19. I like the design.. nice css layout!! looveely.. Picture it with a cool logo.. mmm.. real nice!!! Good work!
  20. i dont agree.. its a great icon.. but logowize.. no thanks!
  21. shrill, how about u olso lay out a concecpt like bsh.. not exactly like bsh but your own!?
  22. i think that your designs are excellent BSH.. im jellous like a mofo.. but its to cute!!.. it looks like a baby.. or something like that.