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    ok, u got me.. but heres one for you.. try typing in your post instead.. so i can search for it!
  2. its how much time is left until the torrent becomes unprioritized (according to your settings in "Seeding Prio")..
  3. the ETA is showing how much time untill your SEEDING criteria is met.
  4. i think the bloods try is a bit to corporate (IMHO), shrills is really good, i like the colours of the original, and Kelorans is pretty good to! my 2,5 cents..
  5. yupp, shrill it is.. hehe.. well i like shrills colours better! imho any chance of seeing an icon/toolbar/status/* ?
  6. hendrix


    i started looking for a new client as soon as they (bitComet) added the bloated toolbar/internal browser crap.. yuck.. didnt find anything to my liking until i found yes.. u guessed it.. µTorrent!
  7. maybe.. and maybe your loss too.. because u loooove pleasing us with new designs!
  8. hehe, just because you said that i wont vote for it!
  9. haha.. wow.. u got som talent or two.. Keep the shihiiit comming!
  10. I think youre on to something!!.. Very good
  11. yeah and amoebas are stupid.. and µTorrent isnt so i dont like it! Imho
  12. Something like vixenfinders sig/avatar would be nice.. thats something i would vote for!!
  13. yeah, it could work.. maybe without that line that goes across..? Nice anyway!
  14. brilliant!!!.. lets make sure everyone knows about this.. !! btw, i hate myself for not proposing this earlier (bitComet forums had this to)... :: edit :: i made a vote req, but it isnt showing up?
  15. very creative!!.. but.. its missing something.. dont know what though! keep it up!
  16. hendrix

    Great programs you use

    Browser: Firefox 1.07 with tabbrowser, adblock and filterset.G updater extensions Email: Gmail RSS Reader: Firefoxes built in Video player: Media Player Classic MP3: Winamp Chatting: MSN and MiRC Audio Editing: Steinberg Wavelab, Propellerheads Reason Image Editing: Photoshop CS Archiving: WinRAR CD Mastering: Nero 5.5 Image Burning: Alcohol 120% Drive Mounting: Daemon Tools Antivirus: Kasperksy (i never get viruses) Antispyware: SpywareBlaster, Spybot and Adaware (i never get spyware/adware) FTP Client: Filezilla Firewall: Dlink DI-604 (router) HTTP Server: Ubuntu (Linux dist) .. dont think i forgot anything..?! :: edit :: TYPO