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  1. My concern is how the area where the names/files are will be expanded-stretched to see/edit longer names. In the "long" version - you could just widen the dialog to be able to see *all* the longer names! There can be a simple draggable separator, just like the one between the tree and the file list in Windows Explorer. You drag it to the right - the torrent files list contracts and the info part (with the Path/Name fields) expands. You drag it to the left - the info area contracts and the tree area expands. I'll make the illustrating mockup later.
  2. I like this one. If enabling and disabling the checkbox would "magically" add and remove (toggle) the subfolder prefix to the "Save in" path (on each click) it would be quite convenient, simple and won't take much screen space. And there won't be any redundant fields like in all previous variants (including mine). But the developers need to find the best solution with each and every small detail: What happens if the user changes the "Name" field? Should uTorrent use the changed name as added/removed prefix or it should use the original torrent name? What happens in this situation: 1) the "Save In" field was initially set to "D:\Shows" 2) original torrent name was "Dexter Season 3 WEB-DL 720p" 3) user enables the checkbox "Save the torrent inside the subfolder..." 4) the fullpath path becomes as follows: "D:\Shows\Dexter Season 3 WEB-DL 720p" 5) user modifies the path manually to "D:\Shows\Dexter\Season 3" 6) and then our genius user disables the checkbox. What should uTorrent do? - It can reset the "Save In" field to it's initial state - It could remove the last folder (all the text after the last backslash including "\") - Or in the case when the text value of the "Name" field isn't found in the text value of the "Save in" field uTorrent should do nothing? But in that case after enabling the checkbox again our idiot user will end up with the following ugly path: "D:\Shows\Dexter\Season 3\Dexter Season 3 WEB-DL 720p" I like the proposed approach, but it's realization should be foolproof. Otherwise there will be tons of displeased comments. And we will never have a single working concept.
  3. Subfolder checkbox can be renamed to "Create subfolder:" - this way the result will be absolutely obvious. Why? Multiple-files torrent is just a collection of files. It doesn't necessary have the container folder. The folder that is created by uTorrent to save the torrent contents is not necessary the real folder put to the torrent file by the releaser. No, it's just the folder uTorrent is creating for user convenience. It's name is usually based on the torrent name (specified by releaser). But that is all. The expression "all multi file torrents always go in a folder" has nothing to do with the torrent contents. It is based on the some approach of saving torrent files that is BTW changing from one version to another. The use of this subfolder is just an option. And the user should be able to choose.
  4. I like this idea of putting the torrent directory/file-structure to the right and info and saving options to the left. The display area is horizontal (5:4, 4:3, 16:9) but current uTorrent builds don't use the horizontal space at all making us scroll and scroll and scroll.
  5. Feature request: Each torrent has the Comment field (which is shown in the Add Torrent dialog and in the Info Tab when you select the torrent in the list). Many trackers (especially the private ones) put the URL leading to the torrent information page to this Comment field. It would be great if uTorrent would parse the comment value searching for URLs and would make the links clickable (so that the user won't need to right-click this field and to copy-paste the URL to the browser).
  6. L'ombra, If you read few previous posts you'll see that users are complaining that they can't get rid of the unnecessary subfolders. That's why there's an option in my design to disable the subfolder creating. I don't understand what is to guess here: The files from multiple-files torrent can be saved either directly to some parent folder or to the subfolder in this parent folder. And the user should have an alternative. I'll give an example: Here's some multiple-files torrent file: uTorrent (build 27547) shows the following dialog: Where "Save in" (value: D:\Shows\Borgias) is the last used path, and "Name" (value: The Borgias - The Complete Season 2 [HDTV]) is the name chosen by the torrent releaser. If I click [OK] uTorrent will create the subfolder "The Borgias - The Complete Season 2 [HDTV]" in the last used (or chosen) parent folder "D:\Shows\Borgias". The resulting path will become: "D:\Shows\Borgias\The Borgias - The Complete Season 2 [HDTV]" You can change this long name to something shorter like just "Borgias S02" but you can't remove it completely. The files will be saved like this: D:\Shows\Borgias\The Borgias - The Complete Season 2 [HDTV]\The.Borgias.S02E01.REAL.HDTV.x264-ASAP.mp4 D:\Shows\Borgias\The Borgias - The Complete Season 2 [HDTV]\The.Borgias.S02E02.HDTV.x264-ASAP.mp4 D:\Shows\Borgias\The Borgias - The Complete Season 2 [HDTV]\The.Borgias.S02E03.HDTV.x264-ASAP.mp4 This is current behavior of uTorrent. According to my design you will get the same result by enabling the "Subfolder" checkbox. It would mean: Where: * - The Borgias - The Complete Season 2 [HDTV] ** - D:\Shows\Borgias\ Many users (including me) won't be glad if this subfolder is created, and would like to save the files from the torrent directly to the parent folder (D:\Shows\Borgias). Like this: D:\Shows\Borgias\The.Borgias.S02E01.REAL.HDTV.x264-ASAP.mp4 D:\Shows\Borgias\The.Borgias.S02E02.HDTV.x264-ASAP.mp4 D:\Shows\Borgias\The.Borgias.S02E03.HDTV.x264-ASAP.mp4 Currently uTorrent doesn't give the user an option to do so. According to my design you will get the same result by disabling the "Subfolder" checkbox. It would mean:
  7. Ok, how about something like this? I've removed the unnecessary fieldsets and saved some vertical space. And the checkbox in my opinion should toggle the need to create the subfolder (instead of the ability to change the "Display name" (or the "List name")). Single: When the user changes the "File name" the "Display name" changes simultaneously. But when the user changes the "Display name" the "File name" remains the same. "Display name" field is not mandatory when we deal with single-file torrents, but users will get used to the concept more quickly if this field will be present in both cases (single/multiple). Multiple: When you want to save the torrent contents directly to some selected folder without creating a subfolder all you have to do is to remove the checkbox. And again: when you change the "Subfolder" text uTorrent changes the "Display name" simultaneously. But when you edit the "Display name" the "Subfolder" value stays the same. uTorrent should remember the last state of the checkbox. _____ This approach is quite simple and obvious and users will quickly get used to it. And for those who won't understand the purpose of the "Display name" (or "List name", "Torrent name", etc.) field the developers can add informative tooltip for each field and the checkbox. ___ BTW there may be an option to hide the "Display name" field as some users don't care about the names of the torrents in the list and will find this field redundant.
  8. First of all I was talking about the temporary solution, not about the concept. Unfortunately there's no concept in current builds. Secondly you didn't understand what I was talking about. I meant the multiple-files torrents like the tv show season (containing 22 episodes). And you are talking about single-file torrents, like the separate episode. It would be foolish to rename the separate episodes (s01e01, s01e02, s01e03) to S02, S02, S02. In that case you should set "Save in" to "D:\Shows\House" and "Name" will be different and automatic each time. So what's the problem? "Awesome" was for the ability to modify the torrent's display name, not for current realization that forces the creation of subfolder with this name.
  9. jbebad, I don't require anyone to do anything. I just don't want to lose the ability to define the name of the torrent in the torrent list (in the Add Torrent dialog) - this feature is awesome (if you have hundreds of torrents). I just described the way to override the creation of the subfolder. Please read the second part of my post (added a few minutes ago). Do you mean the behavior like this?
  10. I love the behaviour of "Save in" + "Name" fields in the build #27547, especially the fact that the value of the "Name field" defines the name of the torrent in uTorrent's table. For me the ability to define the torrent name for multiple-files torrents (which will be displayed in torrents list later on) is far more important than the ability to save torrents w/o subfolders. If you want to get rid of the subfolder you can use some tricks like this one: Let's say you have some torrent with TV show season. The releaser defined the name "House M.D. Season 2 720p". And you want to save the contents of this torrent to your local folder "D:\Shows\House" w/o any subfolders. All you have to do is to specify the corresponding values in "Save In" and "Name" fields: "Save in" will be set to "D:\Shows" and "Name" will be set to "House" (your parent folder name). uTorrent will add the torrent with the name "House" to it's list and the contents of this torrent will be saved directly to "D:\Shows\House". All you have to do (to beautify your torrents list) is to find the torrent with the name "House" and rename it to "House S02" or "House Season 2", etc. (otherwise you'll have 8 torrents with the same name after adding 8 seasons). ______________________ If the developers want to keep both abilities (to accurately define the full path and to define the torrent name in the torrents table) the naming rules should be as follows: For single-file torrents: 1) "Save In" field defines the path 2) "Name" field defines both the filename and the name of the torrent in the list. For multiple-files torrents: 1) "Save In" field defines the full path: - If the last used folder was "D:\Shows\House" and the name of the torrent (defined by releaser) is "House M.D. Season 2 720p" uTorrent should set the "Save in" field value to "D:\Shows\House\House M.D. Season 2 720p". - If the user chooses another folder from the dropdown list this folder should be considered to be parent. So the new path will be set to "D:\SomeOldPath\House M.D. Season 2 720p". - If the user clicks [...] and choses some new path, the new path should be than used like the absolute path (not just parent!). So after closing the Windows "Save to" dialog (invoked by clicking [...]) the "Save In" value will be "D:\SomeNewPath" but not "D:\SomeNewPath\House M.D. Season 2 720p". - On any step user should be able to modify the "Save in" field manually, defining the full path. 2) And the "Name" field in the case of the multiple-files torrents should have only one purpose: to define the name of the torrent in torrents table. But modification of the "Name" field should in no case change the resulting path. This behavior resembles the old one (when there was no separate "name" field) and it may be the same behavior the developers want to get rid of. As for me I don't like it either. But it may clear up all the misunderstandings related to the process of defining both the full path and the torrent name, and will also let the user choose whether the subfolder is created.
  11. OK, here's full info: uTorrent is "installed" in Portable mode: F:\uTorrentTest\utorrent.exe - build F:\uTorrentTest\resume.dat - empty text file F:\uTorrentTest\settings.dat - empty text file EXE file is started with "/recover" key. Here are the torrent files: 1)[eztv].torrent 2)[eztv].torrent 1) I open the first URL and save the torrent contents to "D:\Save": Here's the resulting path: 2) Then I open the second link and the "Save in" field contains some random Chinese characters instead of "D:\Save": The resulting path (if I click OK) will be like this: 3) If i open some other torrent, the "Save In" field becomes even more strange (and I can't click OK - the error is displayed): If I replace utorrent.exe (build 27554) in "F:\uTorrentTest\" with previous build (27547) everything works correctly (uTorrent remembers the last used folder and places it's path in the "Save In" filed, when the Add Torrent Dialog is displayed). ________ OS: Windows 7 SP1 x64 Russian The problem persists regardless of uTorrent language settings (english/russian).
  12. And one more bug with Add Torrent Dialog in the build #27554: 1) open any torrent and save it to any path (like D:\Path) 2) when you open another torrent the Add Torrent Dialog shows some garbage in the "Save In" field instead of the last saved path (D:\Path): it is either empty (then the torrent contents is saved to the uTorrent program folder) or it is filled with some Chinese hieroglyphs and spaces. I've tested this bug with completely new portable "installation" of uTorrent (build 27554). So the issue isn't related to some old resume.dat and settings.dat files. Going back to #27547 (where uTorrent doesn't mess with the last saved path).
  13. Oh, yes, you are right - I noticed the build number but missed the updated version suffix (3.2.x).
  14. And one more bug with Add Torrent Dialog in the build #27554: 1) open any torrent and save it to any path (like D:\Path) 2) when you open another torrent the Add Torrent Dialog shows some garbage in the "Save In" field instead of the last saved path (D:\Path): it is either empty (then the torrent contents is saved to the uTorrent program folder) or it is filled with some Chinese hieroglyphs and spaces. I've tested this bug with completely new portable "installation" of uTorrent. So the issue isn't related to some old resume.dat and settings.dat files. Going back to #27547 (where uTorrent doesn't mess with the last saved path)
  15. BTW, there's one useful feature concerning directory/file management. uTorrent is already able to move some files (in multi-files torrent) to another location. It would be great if it was also able to delete the files completely. E.g. you have downloaded the complete collection of some TV show (e.g. 10 seasons). You have already watched the first 5 seasons and want to release some precious HDD-space by deleting these 5 seasons. At this time (if you want to remain a partial seeder) you need to: 1) stop the torrent 2) select these seasons in uTorrent, right click, select "Don't download" 3) go to Explorer 4) manually delete these files 5) go to uTorrent, rigth-click, "Force re-check" (so that uTorrent would update ~uTorrentPartFile*.dat) 6) and after waiting some time (depending on the size, disk fragmentation, disk load, etc.) you can start uploading But if there would be a command next to "Don't download" (in the files list of the mentioned torrent) with the text like "Remove completely" (and the corresponding functionality), uTorrent could do it all by itself - even without rechecking all the files.
  16. Thank you very much. We're looking forward to it.
  17. No, jbebad, I've completely understood you right away. And I wrote that the bug mentioned by me in deleted message (to which you've replied) was already fixed in the latest build. There's no error with missing "\". uTorrent works correctly: if the folder path (which is typed in "Save in" field) exists, uTorrent uses it, if it is missing, uTorrent creates it.
  18. That is why I called it "The solution for single file torrents". "Single file torrents" and "Multiple filed torrents" are different objects (entities) and it seems to me that they should be processed in different ways. When we open single-file torrent, in effect, we save the file (so the "Save file" dialog should work exactly the same as any other "Save file" - it should let the user choose or create the target directory and modify the filename, maybe even select the target file if you want to overwrite it) But when we open multiple-files torrent, we deal with folders and only with folders - there's no need in "Save File" dialog. There shouldn't even be the "Name" field displayed. We already are choosing the path, why should we add one more prefix to it? The "Save in" field is enough when we deal with folders ( = "with multiple-files torrents"). BTW all the misunderstandings and bugs (like the "filename.ext" added as the subfolder) with this dialog are the result of mixing these two concepts in uTorrent GUI.
  19. jbebad, I've read the changelog one more time and it seems that the mentioned problem with "\" and new/existing folders was meant by this point: I was hoping earlier, that it had to do with the old bug when the "Save as" dialog added the filename as subfolder (like this: "D:\SomeFolder\filename.ext\filename.ext"), but after re-reading the changelog I think that they meant the first one (with new/existing folders and "\"). Well, well' see in next build. (So I deleted my previous message) There are many different checks needed when there's a question of torrent file management. I hope the developers would spare much time to this matter. It is far more important than converting or streaming the video in torrent-client. As for nested folders, some clowns put single files into subfolders, like "releasegroup\quality\filename-quality-releasegroup.mkv" (when they prepare the torrent file). But I can't imagine the algorithm of removing such subfolders from the torrent - some of them are useful, some are not.
  20. File managing is the essential function. No other functions should be added or developed before file managing is perfectly debugged. Why is this complaining? Proprietary paid software developers use the help of testers. Free software developers rely on the community reports. Many file issues were reported months earlier and are still present in the new builds. There's quite a good cause for complaining. As for me I try to make complete, illustrated and clear reports as opposed to saying something nonconstructive like "Your soft is buggy, I will use some other client". uTorrent is very powerful client with some very useful and unique features. That's why some of my posts concerning imperfect file management may appear emotional. Two dialogs for the same purpose? That is a dead end.
  21. 2012-06-26: Version 3.2 Release Candidate 6 (build 27503) Yep. That is what I was talking about. It is intentional' date=', intended to select a destination PATH, not replace the file name. The "name" field suppose to be for file name change.[/quote'] OK. Here is a typical situation: 1) I have some video with the name "Movie.mkv" downloaded earlier and saved to D: (D:\Movie.mkv). 2) There's a torrent on some tracker with the exact same release of this movie (files are identical). 3) I want to join the upload and become on of the seeders of this movie. 4) So I download this torrent. The releaser used some other name: "The_Movie_BDRip.mkv" 5) I want to point uTorrent to my file "D:\Movie.mkv" (so that UT would check it's hash and start the uploading) Earlier I could do this by clicking [...] and selecting this file in the "Save As" dialog. But now this dialog doesn't show any files. So my only option is going to Explorer, clicking F2 on the file, copying it's name to the clipboard, switching back to uTorrent's "Add New Torrent" dialog and pasting my filename ("Movie.mkv") to the "Name" field by replacing the releaser's "The_Movie_BDRip.mkv" - I think that this is unnecessary waste of time. I could have just selected the mentioned file in "Save As" dialog in one click. The solution for single file torrents is quite simple. Do you want to use different fields for the Path and for the Name? OK. You can use the same "Save as" dialog and kill two birds with one stone. 1) there are two fields in the "Add New Torrent" dialog (as in the latest release) but "Save as" dialog shows both folders and files: user goes to the needed folder (creates one if necessary) 2) and the filename is displayed in the textfield below the files list (all the Windows Save As dialogs work this way) 3) user can even change this name 4) extension is always displayed in this field (because uTorrent can sometimes loose the extension depending on the windows Folder Settings - this is the very old bug). 5) But when the user clicks [save] uTorrent parses the filename dividing it into two fields (the path and the name). That's all. Nothing difficult. And the dialog will magically become friendly, predictable and easy to use. BTW Windows has the proper dialog for selecting folders (it can be used to select saving location for multiple files torrents). It looks like this: Why does uTorrent use "Save As" dialog (made for saving files) to select folders, when there is a conventional dialog for choosing folders? I completely agree with jbebad: the new dialog is made without understanding how it is supposed to work. At first it was adding the filename as the subfolder. Now it ignores the "Name" field. What next?
  22. Fix: Single-file torrent name issue; ut would try to use the directory name as the file name I thought you will never fix this bug. Thanks, but it's not really fixed. I's just became buggy in another way: Issue #1. after you click [...] button and browse to some directory uTorrent doesn't show the contents of this directory - the file list is empty and you cannot select some file (to replace it with the one that is being downloaded or to join the upload of the file that was downloaded before) - because you have nothing to select: all the directories are empty in this view. Issue #2. After you select the directory and click [select folder], uTorrent ignores the contents of the "Name" field in uTorrent "Add New Torrent" dialog. For example: 1) the releaser chose the following filename: The.Newsroom.2012.S01E01.HDTV.x264-ASAP.mp4 2) you download the torrent file, open it - uTorrent shows the "Add New Torrent" dialog: 3) then you click [...] in uTorrent dialogue, and it the Save dialog is shown: 4) you select some directory. BTW uTorrent doesn't show any files in this directory. OK, whatever. So you click [select folder] (the button with the text "Выбор папки" on the screenshot). uTorrent uses the path to this folder in the path field: 5) so far almost everything goes normal normal. But now you change the filename (to "Newsroom.S01E01.mp4" in my example): 6) Here the main bug shows itself - after you click [OK] uTorrent adds the file to the list with original name and downloads it using the original filename in the resulting path: The path should be as follows: D:\SomeNewPath\Newsroom.S01E01.mp4 But uTorrent downloads it with original name (completely ignoring the contents of the "Name" field in "Add New Torrent" dialog): D:\SomeNewPath\The.Newsroom.2012.S01E01.HDTV.x264-ASAP.mp4 And you have to rename the file manually afterwards. Please either fix this bug completely of bring back the original behavior (the single fullpath field) - it was untidy but at least it worked as it should.
  23. build 27020 When I click File>Exit, uTorrent window disappears but the process is still hanging in Task Manager. And the size of "Memory (Private working set)" is going down very slowly - about 100 KB per minute. Windows Resource Monitor shows that there is no uTorrent disk activity.
  24. This isn't useful at all. I prefer to specify the path myself (because in most cases I am not happy with the names, specified by the authors of torrent-files) so there's no need in uTorrent suggesting the sub-folder - in 90% cases I need to change it. That's why uTorrent doesn't do any good by suggesting anything (it only wastes my time), especially in cases with single-file torrents.
  25. Yep. This will be OK. I would make it even more compact: Or it can be resizable like the search field in Opera Browser: (note the cursor between the address field and the search field - you can drag it and resize both fields in one move) ______________________ Also I don't like the algorithm of separating of the filename from the full path. E.g. I open the torrent with one season of Castle series containing multiple episodes. It has the name "Castle Series 1" uTorrent sets the following path values: Save In: D:\SomeLastUsedPath Name: Castle Series 1 the resulting path will be: D:\SomeLastUsedPath\Castle Series 1\ I think that the field "Name" should be used only for single-file torrents, but as for multiple-files torrents the filed "Name" should be empty. Like this: Save In: D:\SomeLastUsedPath\Castle Series 1 Name: The field "Save in" should contain the path, and the filed "Name" should contain the filename (if present). Just so. Now the behavior is mixed and I have to waste more time checking the correctness of the filename than earlier (when there was only one field containing the full path). Because in various cases the resulting path can become either "D:\SomeLastUsedPath\Castle Series 1\Castle Series 1\" or "D:\SomeLastUsedPath\".