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  1. thank you nacho for "Unable to allocate -48 bytes" workaround. I was beginning to suspect some buffer overflow attack from the tracker
  2. does bt.tcp_rate_control work at all times, or only when you select Unlimited download/upload? edit: From what I saw and described earlier it works only in Unlimited mode (as it should IMO). Thats good because it leaves control to the user.
  3. I noticed that setting Unlimited upload makes it ramp up way slower than if you set hard upload limit, I guess its a price one has to pay for convenience as unlimited no longer makes the whole internet slow. For example if I set it to 65KB/s (I got 512KBit upload) it will seed at max speed all the time no matter if I upload something or not, but if I set it to unlimited it will almost stop seeding (down to few kilobytes/s) as soon as it detects full pipe (if I start downloading something with my browser or utorrent itself). Maybe it would be nice to have real unlimited as an additional option that would just push as much it can without looking at pipe conditions. edit: on the other hand setting upload limit higher than actual upload pipe makes utorrent just push as much it can, so its exactly what i want.
  4. its easy to reproduce, you just have to be stiff enough to write frame.len instead of ip.len. Sorry was looking at wrong number. biggest packets were 1492 (ppoe safe)
  5. "Set net.calc_overhead to false. The real upload speed will still be ~40-50 KB/sec when set to 30 KB/sec, but at least you won't have to see it then. If your download speed wasn't so many times higher than your upload this wouldn't be happening." How about just confirm its broken and fix it instead? Upload limit should limit upload. uTorrent brakes set limits even when only seeding. I set 40 I get 45-50, I set 55 I get 60-65 and so on. In fact when I look at Wireshark IO graphs It _never_ goes below set limit, but floats 5-10KB above it with no download, and goes crazy with any download. I get the impression somewhere down the road uTorrent dropped ACK upload from the limiting formula. I seem to remember downloading 700KB/s with upload limit set to 55KB/s and it was holding in 55-60KB/s range. Its impossible with current build as you saw, I had to set limit to 25KB/s to not exceed 55KB/s next UDP. It obeys limits same way as TCP now so thats fixed. But -All I get are 3xx bytes UDP packets from other peers, they seem to love 323 and 365 byte sizes. From pool of ~200 peers I got only ONE peer to send me >365 bytes packets. It send me twelve 1265 bytes packets. All that during 10 minutes of high traffic. -My MTU is 1500, but somehow uTorrent kept trying to send 1506 bytes UDP packets. Most of those packets went to one specific peer. By most I mean my Utorrent send 500 1506 bytes UDP packets to one peer, 7 1506 bytes UDP packets to other and 3 to third one. There were only 2 (two) packets in 1400-1500 range during that time. Im using wireshark filters for this : udp && (ip.src== my.ip.is.here) && (frame.len > 1400) && (frame.len <1500) BTW 10:1 down/up ratio is rather common for cable/adsl so I fail to see whats so weird about wanting to download at 600KB/s while uploading at 60KB/s.
  6. ah, looked rather bogus so I took a guess back to speed limit: UDP upload is turned off same on disposition 5 and 13
  7. just tried it, ignores speed limit, so far exceeds upload by 10KB/s it looks like it tries to obey it, but forgets about download acks , it jumps to 65KB/s at times even when I limit it to 20KB/s IP resolver bug:
  8. this build is fail edit: ahh, now I see Rafi posted same eariler
  9. yes, We've been over this before http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=378617#p378617 Im not talking about uTorrent graphs, im talking about outside software counting actual bits and bytes (wireshark for example). Last time I only noticed broken upload limit. It was so bad I didnt bother to look at download differences between pure TCP and uTP. uTP was meant to be better. It shouldnt spam acks like crazy. Currently uTP is 300% less efficient while seeding (3 versus 10 KB/s of used downstream).
  10. Hi I tested 1.9 about a month ago and upload limiter was broken. I tested newest 1.9 today and limiter is working so thats great. Sadly uTP is still not working optimally I seed about 20 torrents, upload limit set to 45KB/s. With 1.8.1 (so no uTP support) my download is a floating 3KB/s (TCP acks), upload 45-55KB/s With 1.9 (255 set, so uTP enabled) my download is a floating 10KB/s (uTP acks take 7KB/s of my bandwidth), upload 45-50KB/s basically uTP is stealing 7KB/s of my downstream. uTP is too chatty when it comes to acks.
  11. >Better congestion control is good for everyone before _any_ congestion control can be implemented uTorrrent must first start to count traffic correctly, currently it forgets about half the UDP packets it sends
  12. again about peer exchange, turning it off in settings only rworks for SEEDED torrents , those show nice "not allowed" under Tracker tab, but torrents that are downloaded show peer exchange as "working" last screenie, 1.8.1 with DHT enabled and 50KB limit set much less UDP even with DHT enabled and keeps nice smooth ~50KB/s .. well more like 55KB/s, but still its a lot smoother
  13. net.calc_overhead was on before hmm, just found out peer exchange is always on, even when its not turned off in settings anyway yes, it looks like uTorrent is not counting DHT traffic into account when limiting upload with bt.transp_disposition = 5 and DHT off there is no UDP traffic and utorrent shows more or less accurate upload speed, so that works now Im trying bt.transp_disposition = 255, DHT off, peer exchange off (tho its still turned on under torrent tracker status tab, maybe a bug?) as you can see utorrent tab never hits 50KB limit, yet my upload is saturated (64KB/s, my isp limits it at ~64-75KB/s)
  14. I ran wireshark with statictics IO Graph window open When I set upload limit to 50KB/s Utorrent limits TCP upload to 50KB/s , but still uploads additional 5-15KB/s UDP. even with bt.transp_disposition set to 5 - TCP only so its set to 50KB max, netmeter shows 57KB, and at the same time wireshark shows 50KB TCP + 7KB UDP green(edit, I wrote red while i was thinking green) is more less 50KB, bt.transp_disposition set to 5
  15. something is off with upload, maybe its not counting peer exchange and DHT as traffic I set upload limit to 40KB/s and it still saturates my 65KB connection (local peers off) it shows 12KB/s upload on the graph while NetMeter shows saturated upload