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  1. nice work on the site design ignorantcow, it's very clean and stylish and looks like a solid basis to continue with it does kind of remind me of redchair software's site somehow, but it might be just the pixelfont that caught my attraction
  2. well it's really the first thing that came to mind when i watched it, but ok. i did say i liked it didn't i? p.s., it also reminded me just a bit of the parucci logo /me *ducks*
  3. well sure, but it's probably not the smartest thing to start a feud with azureus like this right?
  4. oh by the way, i do think i prefer ninja cat with ears. the glowing eyes in the previous version looked a little more tantalizing too, maybe also because the shape was a little different there (more pointy/fierce)
  5. the impression is the same, stylized front side cat head, big almond eyes. the resemblence is there
  6. revised ninja cat looks pretty awesome, though it might not be a good idea to actually make him mangle lil' azureus frog (hilarious though!) the japanese looking µ / rising sun variation is a nice touch too. what i really like about the ninja cat idea in general is that it combines the huggable feeling of a cat with the swift- and stealthness of a ninja (obviously a cat is very suitable for this theme anyhow ) front side cat is quite convincing for a first draft, too bad it looks a bit too much like napster
  7. i definitely like ninja cat! i think it would look even better in a different (darker) color (though black might be a little too much)
  8. looks like a pack of smokes haha
  9. a hummingbird perhaps? edit: ahh, reading the prev post, i guess it was suggested before @BSH: it's not rock solid ofcourse, but it's viable enough for me
  10. i don't think that's really working out well shrill, the bevel makes it a little 'cheap' and the digicam/circuit board (?) makes him less recognisable
  11. a tiny bit of duotone shading could fix that for sure (personally i'm not sure if it needs it though, i guess there's only one way to find out )
  12. actually, i'm quite sure i've seen the red saucer/bloodcell icon being used by a program before. quite some time ago though, could be win 3.1/95 era
  13. great, eager to see the result
  14. It's taking longer than I thought ;p Shrill's preview pic already gives a good basis voor a website top/menu structure
  15. that's a great idea, it's loveable, recognizable and easy to use cross-medial since it's flat and almost unicolored. i think BSH's aliens are lovely too, but they might prove to be harder to implement in different forms/functions. edit: the bloodcells idea is pretty nice, but i don't think it can compete with (for instance) azureus' "living" logo. somehow an abstract concept seems to focus a little too much on the technical side of the program, rather than it's usability (which is, in the end, more important to give µtorrent true mass appeal).