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  1. Nah, the µTorrent version wouldn't make a difference. The code simply never supported sorting by the queued status because I never took it into account when I wrote my original status comparator.

    At any rate, now that I got around to fixing this, I also fixed secondary sorting while the Status column is used as the primary sort criterion -- so you'll be able to more finely sort even those torrents with identical statuses.

  2. @osmosis: Don't know. I looked into after you mentioned it the first time. While probably feasible, it's low on my list of priorities. We'll see.

    Edit (2011-09-03): Not happening. IE is retarded, and I don't care enough to work around its bugs.

    What is it this time? It doesn't seem to request whatever favicon.ico I tell it to pick up because the icon sits behind HTTP authentication. Sniffing the traffic indicates that it tries to retrieve the icon without HTTP authentication (and from the wrong location), fails, and just decides to give up.

    IE is notorious for having problems with favicon (search the Internets if you'd like), so I'm in no way surprised.

    @Chipster: I've never taken the queued status into account when sorting. The current build is no worse than 2011-03-19 was -- and is, in fact, no different. They sort using the exact same criteria.

    Exhibit A: http://i.imgur.com/dPPke.png

    Anyway, this will be fixed in the next release. Thanks again.

  3. v0.384 (2011-08-29)

    * Fix: An invalid RSS feed is selected for newly-created RSS favorites

    * Fix: Disabling system font doesn't disable it completely

    * Fix: Picked incorrect system font in some cases

    * Fix: Regression in Status column sorting for torrent job listview

    * Fix: Speed tab axes aren't properly font-agnostic

    Bugfix build -- not much else to say about this.

  4. Remove these from webui.js



    In main.css, replace




  5. You're absolutely right! That's a rather subtle bug that would probably have been annoying for me to track down, so your help in figuring it out is much appreciated. This will be fixed for the next release!

  6. And yes, I thought I was doing you and others a favor by running 23 versions of your program through Viruscan,org and Virustotal.com

    And indeed I appreciate that you cared enough to do that. It's just that tying it with language that easily confuses users while throwing some dirt at my work (and myself) -- intentional or otherwise -- doesn't evoke nice emotions from me. You'll notice that that's been the main point I've taken issue with this entire time.

    You chose to say without real hard evidence that the warnings weren't false-positives, aka "BEncode Editor does contain viruses" (for posterity: it doesn't). Better might it have been for you to just say something along the lines of "it should be noted that version X has a surge of virus warnings on VirusTotal", and leave it at that, with or without your recommendations; it's fine either way, as I have no problems with facts and helpful suggestions.

    Anyway, thanks for your concern.

  7. Honestly, I find this most amusing: because I leave old versions up, I'm getting dirt thrown at me now. Maybe I should've just taken a cue from µTorrent and not bothered to leave old versions around -- even though BitTorrent sometimes gets mud slinging too for not allowing old versions of µTorrent to even be linked from here. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

    Okay, let's put it this way: Aren't you REALLY curious what made the number of error reports DROP from NINE to just ONE, when you went from version 6 to 7? ;)

    If you're directing that question at me, then my response is a resounding "no". If you're so inclined, go ask the antivirus vendors why there are such wild swings in their heuristics engines. Don't ask me why other people's softwares have problems.

    Anyway, drop the topic. The evidence is laid bare for others to decide for themselves. I'm not interested in letting this thread get derailed further for your own paranoia.

  8. For the Record: I've sent my executables in for manual re-evaluation by antivirus vendors before, and sure, they fixed their definitions, but only soon after released more definition updates that reverted their "fix". I'm not really interested in playing the cat-and-mouse game with them -- not when they're the ones wielding all of the power, and I'd just be there to tell them "your majesty, you have erred -- again". I've got more important things I'd rather deal with.

    You can report all the VirusTotal results you'd like, but it won't really make a difference to me (or to antivirus vendors, for that matter). Indeed, I am jaded, and this is a tired topic for me.

    If you're doing this just to inform other users, then that's cool with me, as I'm not personally interested in wasting my own effort uploading to VirusTotal for the sole purpose of seeing how many more false positives they can generate. Just, please, stop editorializing the results by saying things like the incredulous "I don't know about USUAL false positives" or the insinuating "one has to wonder why". That does nothing but imply to others that I write or propagate viruses, which I don't take kindly to.

    Edit: If anyone comes across these posts and are interested in a real explanation, see here. I tried being diplomatic, but I don't think I'm going to tolerate the FUD any further.

  9. If by "out of whack" you mean "completely wrong", then maybe you should upgrade µTorrent.

    As for fonts being screwed up, I don't know what to tell you. It works fine for me on all browsers across multiple platforms. The lack of a screenshot doesn't help either -- it only leaves me making completely uneducated guesses at what you're observing.

  10. One would think that after years of BEncode Editor being out there, being used by (presumably) thousands of people, and my not having changed anything in forever, someone would've found and reported a virus if indeed there was one to be found.

    FYI, I don't really care whether or not you believe me. If you prefer to trust VirusTotal instead, that's your prerogative. I don't gain anything either way.

    I don't know about USUAL false positives ... One gots to wonder why that is.

    I won't fault you for being cautious. Just don't go insinuating that which is not.

    Edit: Have you looked at your own results? On bencode-editor.0610u.zip:

    Emsisoft 2011.08.13 Riskware.DownloadTool.BEncode!IK

    Ikarus T3. 2011.08.13 not-a-virus.DownloadTool.BEncode

    Besides the fact that BEncode Editor uses AutoIt/UPX (a well-known hive for antivirus false positives), it's also associated with BitTorrent, which is inescapably/heavily associated with piracy, which antivirus vendors often have agendas against anyway. Is it seriously any wonder that it would be flagged anyway?

  11. Don't know, but either way, that's not really within the scope of this thread.

    Edit: To be clear, a way to create torrents from within µTorrent WebUI itself has been requested before. How to get it done externally of µTorrent isn't something I'd know off the top of my head though, and is more a general question about the WebUI backend than it is about the WebUI frontend (this thread's purpose).

  12. @Focus1: By µTorrent 3, do you mean µTorrent running under Wine, or µTorrent Server? If the former, then you're going to have to tell us what version of Wine you're running.

    @tamalero: You can't possibly be using the latest version of WebUI if your listview and progress bars look as they do in the screenshot. WebUI hasn't looked that way in ages. Same for the bug you described -- it's already been fixed for well more than half a year now.

    At any rate, your posts are rather ambiguous. You don't mention what specific version of WebUI you're running, or what version of µTorrent you're running. And "frontpage" isn't clear either -- it could mean the first post of this thread, or it could just as easily mean the utorrent.com homepage. As such, I can only surmise that you're running µTorrent Server downloaded from the utorrent.com homepage, which contains a version of WebUI that was forked from an extremely outdated revision of the WebUI codebase. If so, do read the first post of this thread.

  13. A commandline interface has been among the longest-standing items on my todo list for BEncode Editor. And it wasn't done because I couldn't think of a good interface at the time that offered a decent fraction of the flexibility and power that the GUI currently has*. Admittedly, I haven't thought of it in a while, so maybe I'll have some better ideas after revisiting, but personal time constraints don't currently permit.

    * No, I'm not silly enough to think that I'll be able to replicate every single GUI feature in a CLI.

  14. These are the two dialogs that I didn't fully implement font-independent sizing for because it's not at all an easy fix. I've thought of allowing dialog resizing before, but that would entail that I implement some kind of control resizing or layout managing in order for things to reflow correctly on resize. The only reason the main UI reflows properly on resize is because it's relatively basic with regards to the number of controls on it and the resizing requirements for said controls. And even though it's relatively "simple", the resize logic for the main window is horrendously complex, and it isn't easily generalizable as is. I'm not sure I want to think about resize logic for dialogs for the time being.

    At any rate, the fact that these two dialogs aren't fully font-independent is something that's been sitting in one corner of my mind for a while now. Maybe I'll come up with something somewhere down the line, but in the mean time, there isn't a whole lot you'll be able to do about it short of switching off the system font support and zooming in... or using a different browser without real high DPI support (and again, zooming if the fonts are too small).

  15. Acknowledged. The problem exists only with columns that use a non-standard sort (which just happens to be only the Status column), and occurred due to an exceedingly stupid oversight on my part.

    At any rate, a fix for the regression has been checked in, and will be included in the next release. Thanks for the report!

  16. v0.383 (2011-07-02)

    * Fix: Menu item separators missing under IE7

    * Fix: Properties dialog broken under uTorrent 3.0

    * Fix: Speed tab legend uses improper text in some languages

    @rd1381: Yeah, it was brought up and fixed a while ago, but not in any release. I guess now would be as good a time as any to release (especially considering the fact that v3.0's gone stable anyway).

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