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  1. You only see a minor difference probably because you have the Find and Apps panes disabled. Or perhaps your category list is long and needs lots of scrolling already, so it's harder to notice. (And I'd say it's certainly more than just 1-2mm of difference, but that's just nitty gritty details).

    I'm not sure what you're referring to when you're comparing "compact" with 2.0.4. The option relevant to the category list height in 2.0.4 still exists in 2.2.x. I can't tell if you're confusing F11 with F12 here, as merging F11 with gui.tall_category_list might make more sense than merging F12 with it.

  2. Find F:\, replace with G:\Media\

    If you're doing anything more complex than just moving the parent directory (i.e. you're moving subdirectories in, out, around, and about), then BEncode Editor won't be of much use to you.

  3. @DonGato: Yes, WebUI only uses the amount of space that the browser tells it is available.

    @AlexDOM: Yeah... sorting on the Status column has been rather broken for a while. I knowingly broke it, but made sure that it would be relatively easy to fix whenever I got around to it. So why isn't it already fixed? I just keep putting it off because there have been other more interesting things to deal with, and I've had limited time. I'll try getting around to it some time :P Thanks for the reminder! [ Edit: Alright, should be fixed in the next release. ]

  4. µTorrent sends only data about peers in its peer cache to WebUI, and seed data about seeds it's previously connected to and personally knows to be seeds.

    µTorrent's main UI shows data about the peer cache and tracker scrapes. The discrepancy lies there.

  5. If the fields were added, I wouldn't know because I haven't had an opportunity to toy with the API directly in a while, and the documentation as I last checked didn't mention it either. Will take another look next time.

    And yeah, I know you're less familiar with it, which is why I was giving you a pointer (since you're already altering it yourself right now).

  6. Ah. It was actually broken in the past, so I had no way of testing it properly... so I assumed it was still broken. My fault. Will fix for the next version. Thanks for the heads up drdobsg! And FYI, it's probably better to fix this in utWebUI.fdDataToRow rather than utWebUI.fdFormatRow, since it's ever so slightly more efficient (only has to do the multiplication once per feed update rather than once per list redraw).

    @vicven2: Not supported with 2.2. Only 3.0 supports the ability to modify the scheduler table.

    @HaxtonFale: Unlikely, unless the API is magically augmented.

  7. Ah hah! I see the bug... Very silly data type mismatch introduced with multi-category selection. It'll be fixed for the next build. That explains the bug vrn_vrds was experiencing too. Thanks for the detailed reproduction steps -- definitely helped me track it down with relative ease :)

  8. Finally, the category thing I also can't reproduce.

    I'm seeing more-or-less the exact same thing in WebUI as µTorrent shows for categories.

    Set button just not shows on 1366x768 screen-size

    Oh, is that why you mentioned that the Advanced settings weren't saved? In that case, then yeah, it's a layout issue that should already be fixed for the next release. Hopefully.

  9. I don't know who you're directing your post at, but if you're talking at me (I am the last person you responded to before), then FYI, I'm not a µTorrent developer. Nor did I "laugh" at you (heck, I never even responded to you -- I was responding only to rafi).

    But you know, all your reports are giving completely mixed up pictures. First, you tell us DHT isn't connecting to nodes, then you tell us it is, but that it's because of "demand" for the torrents you're sharing (it's not). Now, you're telling us that your upload speeds are going above your limit when you previously said that

    upload speed is also very sluggish

    So what's it going to be, really? You seem to be grasping at straws here trying to find something to pin the blame on. None of the anecdotal evidence you've provided so far have been conclusively indicative of any bugs, and at least a part of the reason is that you haven't even provided any hard evidence to back it up. If you're completely unwilling to include any such information, then that'll be that for your report.

  10. @Frenik: I don't and won't test WebUI on unsupported versions of µTorrent -- especially not two year old versions.

    @DonGato: There is no shortcut. There is a menu item to do that, reachable from the µTorrent icon at the bottom-left of the screen. As for why it's broken on your BlackBerry... well, actually, I'm not seeing what's broken. If the screen has limited horizontal screen real estate, then naturally the rest of the columns won't be visible.

    @vrn_vrds: Yeah, I don't know what to say to that. I haven't experienced the problem on any browser and/or platform, so I probably wouldn't be able to fix it anyway. Good to hear that it's fixed on your end though. Text input flowing downward is something I've already (somewhat) addressed in my own local code, while I was working on making WebUI's layout font independent. As for the Advanced options not working, I don't know either, since it works perfectly fine for me. Finally, the category thing I also can't reproduce.

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