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  1. It's not really PHE as opposed to PE now, since it's not just the headers being encrypted. And yeah, it is better than BitComet's PHE since it is truly encrypted, and is designed more thoroughly (for example, there is no standard BitTorrent handshake for ISPs to detect and block). Also, it's an open extension, unlike BitComet's, so has the potential to be adopted more widely. I'd think that the spec (I'm assuming you mean spec, since the algorithm is just RC4 encryption, which is supposed to be easy to implement) is at least close to final (if it isn't already), since it's already implemented in the betas for both µTorrent and Azureus. And I guess that's what the beta is for -- to test if it is working properly, and to see whether any changes need to be made before an official non-beta release. @ML: Heh technically if you're not getting your peer list from any other client, then your only other source in a private torrent is the tracker (unless you manually add an outside peer yourself, but we'll discount that in this case), so that's why I said that. And yes, what you wrote in that first line was what I was trying to get at (only in a much more verbose manner xD).
  2. Yep, that's the explanation I came up with at least =P @Martin Levac: Peer authentication is different, and is more of a preventative measure. With peer authentication, I'd assume you wanted it to confirm with the tracker that the peer is connected, no? That's not the same. I'm not talking about peer authentication... what I was saying was that the way PEX is currently implemented (disabled when private flag detected), any outside peer that just (maybe hypothetically) happened to get into a private swarm wouldn't be able to propogate and connect to the other users as if he were an actual user of the tracker, since peers wouldn't be shared (and only gotten from the tracker). I was explaining why one would want PEX to respect the private infodict flag.
  3. Still in the works, as you can see here.
  4. Don't know, but I'd venture a guess and say no, since BitComet hasn't released their specs, and I doubt ludde feels like reverse engineering another protocol for rather limited gains.
  5. @nightshifted: When someone sets the private flag, they essentially want the tracker to be handing out the peers, not the clients. Peer Exchange obstructs that. Even though it's unlikely, if some peer managed to get into a private swarm, he would be allowed to stay in the swarm because of Peer Exchange. If the client only kept the peers reported by the tracker, the "alien" peer would be dropped out of the swarm sooner or later (without Peer Exchange), and that's the kind of behavior that should occur (or that's how I see it at least). @HoochieMamma: I'd expect it to be enabled by default, since Firon said it being disabled by default was a mistake. And yes, Peer Exchange currently only works with other µTorrent v1.4.1 beta build 411 clients, but it will work with Azureus in the future, I believe.
  6. Apparently, that's something you get in the "PersonalEdition Premium," and not the "Classic" (freeware) version.
  7. Er the BitTorrent specs say that the torrent client should look for rarer pieces first. That way, the file is more spread out. It does the swarm no good to have redundant, common data all over the place, and one person with the rarest piece only.
  8. That's basically the idea that the GetRight developer suggested, but as DWKnight pointed out above, multi-file torrents would be a pain in the ass that way. For this reason and the reason you pointed out above, I feel that only proper HTTP seeds as described in the spec should be allowed =T
  9. Erm... this whole thing is mostly a server-side thing. People are only asking for µTorrent to understand the httpseeds field, and probably create a torrent with HTTP seeds too. @1c3d0g: Eh? Why would there need to be a separate thing for torrents with web-based seeding?
  10. Napster is pay-for-download now =P There are HTTP downloads as well -- legit at that. That's what a lot of people use their bandwidths for as well, and that's what the ISPs usually market them for.
  11. It depends on how µTorrent's PHE is implemented. The way it's implemented now, BitComet's PHE still sends out the BitTorrent handshake, and ISPs can detect that. If it's designed correctly from the start, then it might be able to bypass ISP filters...
  12. Great to hear. This could possibly be the final nail in the coffin for BitComet (besides for intentional cheaters).
  13. http://www.utorrent.com/download.php
  14. lol I was just thinking about the first suggestion too... Really, I was helping someone with a torrent, and I copied/pasted my peer list to him, but adding the IPs was a bit annoying... I know, you don't need to add every single one, but adding even 5 can get a little repetitive =P The add IP dialog should be expanded is all -- allow multiple lines, one IP per line.
  15. Really? I've never seen a migration swarm that flew in spirals xD Honestly, I don't like it very much... looks plain, and everything looks like dots until they're as close as the few closest ones...
  16. Sorta like the first guess. The link would be the link to a tracker that points to the file, I believe, and not the file directly.
  17. I'm not sure what you're trying to say here, but I'll interpret it as best as I could O.o 1. If you're interpreting that those speeds (1Mb/s or 2Mb/s) as download speeds, they're upload speeds. Download speeds are irrelevant when it comes to configuring µTorrent for better speeds 2. If you're talking about 1Mb/s as upload, then I'll just say that Mb is not the same as MB (1Mb/s = 128KB/s).
  18. They're all short descriptions anyhow, it doesn't seem that they need that much organization. It's perfectly easy to read, IMO O.o
  19. Try deleting the settings.dat* files in your %appdata%\utorrent folder and try again.
  20. Um... doesn't it pop up when you double-click the torrent? Or are you asking to go back to the original dialog? If this is the case, then you can go to the Settings and under General Options, uncheck "Show dialog when adding new torrents."
  21. lol maybe the script should be modified to floor the value before sending it to the browser =P
  22. It would seem so -- I'm not sure if it's final though.
  23. Edit: lol I didn't realize it was ignorantcow (not ludde) that BSH was quoting earlier... Ignore this post =P @BSH: Your designs are still very unique and beautiful, and I'm sure a lot of people do like them (that includes me). I just hope that not getting picked doesn't put your spirits down and make you lose interest in designing for µTorrent -- you're still valuable to the community =] @Shrill: Congratulations on getting picked. I liked your logo as well, and look forward to seeing it included in µTorrent in the future! =]