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  1. It's self-explanatory. If you want to enable the tracker, set it to true. Otherwise, leave it at false.
  2. It's negligible. I don't even notice an increase in memory usage (I just checked 1.2.2 and 1.3, and each take about 6.4MB RAM).
  3. @RaVeN: No need to demand. You can add it yourself if you want -- that's why there's a setting.
  4. Naturally, option/setting means it's changeable. They're found in the Advanced Options page. As for the uploading more aggressively, it's exactly as it says O.o
  5. @marc2000: Heh your explanation was actually clearer than hendrix's =P
  6. @Marshy: Please explain how this would "KILL the internet archive." BitTorrent was built so that peers have to upload to offload a lot of the bandwidth that the seed ("internet archive" in this case) would need to share with each peer individually. This works well with the original intent of BitTorrent (offload bandwidth usage from static servers).
  7. It has to be specified in the torrent, not the tracker.
  8. The server scripts only consist of half of the webseeding idea. The client needs to be able to make torrents that contain the 'httpseeds' field, and actually read and connect to those httpseeds. Also, there are some other guidelines for clients to follow that Shad0w outlined in his specs =\
  9. According to Wikipedia, there are 2 others: ABC and Anatomic P2P (whatever that is).
  10. That's for the trackers hosting illegal stuff, but what about... say... Linux distributions? You can host the distribution at one FTP/HTTP server, and use a torrent with web-seeding to fall back to that server. Is that tracker/server going to be shut down? People are always thinking only of the illegal uses of BT... @Firon: You used to talk about my speed at posting, but you're quicker than me now ;P @Firon (2): Hey, my message was longer xP
  11. Ooh... I was wondering this wondering this, too, a while ago, but forgot to request it myself... I'd always thought of web seeding as a very cool idea (after all, servers almost are always up, so there will almost always be a seed).
  12. vurlix and ludde: Thanks a bunch for all your hard work in this excellent client. You guys are some of the few people I've seen who actually take into account many of their user's ideas (and so quickly too)! Keep up the good work, and thank you again =] @PlayWithFire: It's refreshing to see a forum newbie who actually searches and reads previous threads (especially stickies) before asking repetitive questions. I have to say thank you to you too. Here's to hoping that this becomes a trend with future forum newbies xP