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  1. Thanks. I had the same question. Silent updates are not my favorite thing. I had to scan the whole thread to find that info at the end. Perhaps the version changes info could be expanded to include that little tidbit. P.S. That gave me the courage to let my 3.2.3 version update itself internally to and everything seems to be working OK on my XP SP3 puter. I was worried they removed too much space from the display and reduced legibility, but it's OK. It didn't uninstall the old 3.2.3 version from c:/program files so I had to do that myself. Seems clean enough. I note in passing that 3.3.1 is a bigger installation at 5.95 MB while older versions were always less than 1 MB installed (iirc). No big deal, I guess. No complaints so far, but maybe I'll think of something later...
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I'll probably just stick with older versions.
  3. Then forever, I guess, because I have no plans to get rid of ZA. I like it. I doubt it was the cause, although it was obviously involved. utorrent has been granted full permissions by ZA, and the utorrent port is opened in the router. That Win XP Pro SP3 computer has no history of freezes nor problems with ZA. Only with utorrent 3.1.2 running, the very first time it has ever happened. utorrent has continued to run OK for several hours since then, downloading torrents, no more freezes (yet). So possibly the new utorrent installation wasn't fully initialized and needed a computer reboot anyway (which it didn't have previously). That might indicate a utorrent installer problem.
  4. I installed this utorrent 3.1.2 version clean on a XP Pro computer for the first time. Everything seemed to be working fine. So I set it up to download some torrents and it hummed along nicely for an hour or so, then froze deader 'n a doornail. I tried everything to get it going again, but the computer's firewall (ZA) was also hung, and the computer refused to shut down normally. I had no choice but to press the power button to restart the computer. After restarting utorrent, no data was lost, and it is resuming download of the torrents again. Will it freeze again...?
  5. Notes re my install problems with new 3.1.2 version on Windows XP SP3, replacing former 3.1 version... The internal utorrent query update operation said there wasn't an update available, which wasn't true. I had 3.1 and 3.1.2 became available according to the utorrent website. That's OK. I never do updates anyway. I only install complete new versions. So I downloaded the new version installer. Unfortunately the utorrent website totally lacks infomation about installing a new version to replace a former version. So I didn't know whether I should or could install it over my old one. Thus I flipped a coin, which came up heads, which helped me to decide. I opted to uninstall the old version first. Good thing I backed up the utorrent appdata folder first, because after uninstalling the old version (keeping my settings, supposedly, by not checking that box in the uninstaller) then installing new version, my settings were *not* retained!? I had several active torrents which simply disappeared, and the utorrent settings were obviously not retained otherwise. So I renamed the new appdata folder to .old and replaced with the former saved appdata folder. Apparently my old settings were restored OK thereby. Things look normal so far. Unfortunately in that process the installer froze, maybe because I denied it permission to access the ZA trusted zone. I had to close it out as an unresponsive program, not responding to Windows. It seems that the installation completed nevertheless, at least things are behaving OK so far. However that leaves me with a lack of confidence in the utorrent software integrity. Will I experience some unknown bugs in future as a result? There were some unwanted items that appeared during the installation process related to modifying my browser (homepage, toolbar, etc) which hopefully I sidestepped by unchecking those boxes. My browser still looks normal so far. Reply comments not expected or needed. This is just a FYI post.