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  1. yeah I am also really liking that viking. I'm not sure which beard I like better, but the green one really stands out. I do like green as the standard color for µtorrent though, but maybe that's just becuase I've gotten used to it. That is some great work BSH!
  2. from an EX-PTC/G3/ABC user I've pretty much tried every client out there at least once. As a self proclamed freeware addict I tend to try out a great number of programs to find the one that fits in with my uses perfectly. I tend to look for software that have at least 2 of these three traits in order of importance: Free, Small, No installer. µtorrent has all three and so that makes it damn near perfect in my book. I've been extremely impressed with the amount of features that the devs have been able to cram into such a small package. I can't see any reason to leave the fold now.
  3. web browser: mozilla firefox 1.5 email client: mozilla thunderbird 1.5 bt client: utorrent 1.2.3 download manager: wackget 1.2.2 im client: mirandaIM 0.4.3 alpha #41 rss feed reader: greatnews 1.0 (b 349) irc client: xchat 2.6.0r2 text editor: metapad 3.51 html editor: notepad2 1.0.12 image viewer: xnview 1.80.3 video player: media player classic audio player: foobar2000 0.9beta10
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