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  1. Just upgraded to 20501, and I have problems with uTP uploads, their speed is practically zero (16-32kB / min / connection). Never seen this problem before, it also worked well for me with build 20367. It seems that fallback to the old uTP method (bt.trans_disposition = 15) solves the problem, I get normal upload speeds that way. The problem is only with uTP uploads, uTP downloads are the same fast as usual. Example : XP x86, cable connection, behind a NAT router.
  2. Why not and when will be 1.7.7 available through the built-in update funciton? My 1.7.6. still says there's no new update available at the moment...
  3. Yes the update is in the background you should only experience a restart. Why you can't find the dump file is answered by yourself... "utorrent has crashed. unable to generate crash dump"