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  1. Link I confirm this. i also have nod32
  2. Well thats because you have a slow dl' date=' because the more higher the speed the more cpu usage you have[/quote'] No, I reverted back to 24120 build, at this moment my speed as usually is about 320 kbyte/s, CPU usage 5%-20%, not more. loool, my speed ussualy its 2.5mb 3.0mb/s which means its 2500kb/s to 3072kb/s with 300kb its also normal the cpu usage/ram usage
  3. No. Thats why i found that even more weird, because the proccess goes ussualy 11,xxx to 15,xxx which is pretty normal, and not a huge difference
  4. not always all' date=' but as I said, up to 80%. In this case the rest of CPU time was used with other apps, so totally CPU usage was 100%. hasn't anybody faced with this problem???[/quote'] I am using 24613. So far so good. CPU usage is only 10% - 15%. Dowloading though seems very slow. Maximum speed it will go up to is 20 kb/s for some reason. I don't know if the seeds are slow or my isp is throttling my downloading speed. Well thats because you have a slow dl, because the more higher the speed the more cpu usage you have
  5. And yes uTorrent sure have some problem with cpu usage and memory ram, i got from 1.7gb to 2.2/2.3gb used of 3.0 and when i have 4 torrents or more started, seeding or download, most of the times downloading my pc starts freezing, if i turn off uTorrent everything get back to normal info: Windows 7 Ultimate 32 3.0gb ram Core 2 Duo 2.2Ghz
  6. Confirmed, i got 5kb/s dl in all torrents and 100% disk overload i also disabled and its fixed
  7. I can confirm this, i have 3gb ram, ussualy its 1.4gb used, but 5m after opening utorrent it increases to 2.1/2.5gb of ram used, and the memory is not assigned to the process