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  1. Keep up the great work guys ! Installed the latest 3.1 alpha. Works fine so far...
  2. When I click on the "Download the beta now" link on page 1 of this thread, it is still 25345 (RC4).
  3. Oddly enough, the utorrent software keeps prompting me saying RC5 is available for download but can't seem to find it anywhere.
  4. Installed the latest 25309. The background color is white for everything especially the "Speed" graph. Everything is really extremely bright. Anyway to change the background color especially for the "Speed" graph to the original BLACK background. This way the graph looks more comfortable to the eyes. Thanks.
  5. incomplete pieces are thrown away on restart of the client and on re-check. This isn't a bug. I will wait for your next update to see if the problem persists and let you know. So far I am a fan and knowing this is a beta, there are bound to be issues. :)
  6. I have tried various senarios : SENARIO 1 : Start torrent, let it download a short while till it 99.5% completed, before allowing the problem to appear, I shut down utorrent. Forcing utorrent to save the file to the harddisk. Then re-start utorrent to resume downloading from 99.5%. SENARIO 2 : Start torrent, let it download till it is 99.7% completed .Clicked on the 'STOP' button to stop the download. Hopefully that makes it save the torrent to the harddisks. Re-start again. So far so good SENARIO 3: Start the torrent, let it download. Leave it to download and allow the error to occur. Do a force-recheck, then start the torrent again. It resumes instead of at 99.7%, it jumps back to 98.7% and resumes downloading from that point instead of 99.7%. This keeps happening and the download never completes. Upgraded to 25233. Problem is still there.
  7. I too had this same problem but only in one torrent. I have finished downloading it now (after restarting the torrent about 10 times). I think it might have something to do with a "Power Options" setting under control panel, specifically the "Turn off Hard disk after xx minutes". I have mine set to 20 minutes. But the other torrents work fine AND I didn't have this problem before 3.0... Another thing I hope gets resolved in this beta is the "Add new torrent" dialog forgetting its previous window size. Has this error have anything to do with the size of the file that is being downloaded ? While typing this reply, I have had to reset the download 4 times !
  8. anyone have any idea about this? looks like i am the only one having this problem Have you tried removing utorrent completely from your system using "add and remove programs" in the control panel and then installing a fresh copy of utorrent 3.0 beta ? In the past, I have used utorrent's own "Check for Updates" and when it prompts me there is a new update and after it downloads and tries to do an automatic update, i sometimes get that error message as well. I think it is a memory thing.
  9. When downloading torrents, I am still getting alot of "Error: The Data is Invalid" errors. I have to restart the torrent which means it will do a re-check before resuming downloading. I don't know if this is a problem with the torrent itself (trackers, seeds etc) or utorrent. When I was using 25217, I never encountered such a problem. The problem started happening from 25220 onwards. Thanks.
  10. 25229. Bug report : When I click on any particular torrent, the torrent entry is blanked out and a silver bar appears.
  11. I am currently using 25220. During the download of various torrents, keep getting the "Error: Invalid Data..." error. The torrent stops downloading. I would have to re-start the torrent, it would be re-checked and it would resume downloading again. There are lots of seeds/peers. Is it safe to assume it has something to do with the torrent itself ? Tracker status is "Working", "Downloading" status is green. I have never encountered so many errors in the past.
  12. Still present in build 25167. bye Still present in 25171. Have to disable "#' to rename and then re-enable.
  13. I have "Maximum number of Active Torrents = 4" and "Maximum number of Active Downloads = 3". I have 15 torrents on the list. The first 3 torrents would be downloading while the balance 12 would be "Queued". Now every one of the torrents are in "Downloading" status although 3 are active while the balance 12 are still inactive.
  14. Furthermore, the downloading now seems extremely slow. It stays below 10 kb/s. It was ok 3 builds back. So I don't know if it is seeding issues or the ISP throttling my speed or cache issues ? I have tried turning cache on and off, makes no difference. The speed is still extremely slow.
  15. Setting it to *true shows the downloading icon. However, setting it to "false" changes the downloading icon to numbers in either ascending or decending order when you click on the "#" icon.