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  1. Systray icon still miss on uT 3.1.3 27220. My OS is Win 7 x64 SP1. uT 2.0.4 and 2.2.1 don't miss this icon.
  2. There's another moment i want to tell. In "info" tab there's 2 section - "Transfer" and "General" which has 5 strings of information. Since 3.0 version in "General" section was added 1 more string. I use scrolling to view "Info" tab and see only "Transfer" or "General" section. Is it possible to make that section "Transfer" and "General" has the same number of strings?
  3. I don't know. When windows start icon doest appear in systray. Restart uTorrent solve the problem. All like in 2.2. 2.0.4 and 2.2.1 works correctly.
  4. Use latest 27099 - systray icon still missing. I thought this bug was fixed since 3.0 version.