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    WebUI v0.315

    Hey - thanks - I appreciate it.
  2. dudeboyz

    WebUI v0.315

    Okay - so basically, all the WebUI thing does is allow you to use your web browser to "dial in" to your local computer if it is running Utorrent and from there it will act sort of like a PC Anywhere - but for Utorrent only? I assume you have to run a WebUI client on your PC and then that client will be there waiting for a web browser to access its IP or other identifying address, and then respond. Kind of like a hosted web page or using your browser to access FTP sites, right? Thanks much. For some reason, I'm just having trouble grasping how this thing works and what it is for.
  3. dudeboyz

    WebUI v0.315

    So is the WebUI thing just a way to control Utorrent on the machine it is running, but from a remote location? If so, how does it differ from something like PC Anywhere or other remote software? Thanks
  4. So far 395 is working pretty well for me on my 9x system, overall. Not sure about the round robbin thing though. I have not downloaded / uploaded more than a few torrents at a time. I should try to find some good test torrents and saturate it and see if it cuts of Internet access for other stuff as opposed to the 50% method.
  5. For what purpose? You can already download the files to one folder' date=' and tell the program to move them to another onces its done, renaming them to copy other programs serve no purpose if you ask me. On mine its setup like this All torrents are automaticly saved in: C:\Downloads\In Progress\!Torrents\ All downloads are started in: C:\Downloads\In Progress\ When a torrent finishes its moved to: C:\Downloads\Finished\!Torrents\ When a download finishes its moved to: C:\Downloads\Finished\ This is already available to you though existing options in the program, and its a lot easier to seperate them than just renaming the files like other programs do.[/quote'] That's what I do and it works great. When it's done, it moves to the other folder and that's all I need. Utorrent is freakin' COOL! Bit Spirit doesn't do that folder thing even. Another reason I am moving to Utorrent for almost all my torrent stuff.
  6. Hey, what's on tap for 1.4? <GRIN> I'd be totally happy if they just focused on making 1.3 totally bug free for the foreseeable future, actually.
  7. see - i'm just a n00b. Unicode is evil... I'm mainly using it on 98 SE so guess I did not see the problem. Good luck fixing it. adding new features can introduce new bugs. hope that instead of adding new features in the next few versions, you just quash the few remaining bugs and enjoy the greatness that is Utorrent.
  8. I don't have that multiple instances problem. Is it a registry thing? Under Windows Integration (in the General Options area) did you try the ASSOCIATE WITH .TORRENT FILES thing? Could it be caused by either not checking it, or clicking on it more than once? Just wonderin'.
  9. So far version 1.3 (build 364) is working fine on my Windows XP SP1 and Windows 98 SE machines. I am downloading and seeding torrents with no apparent instability issues. I'm very pleased. I hope Utorrent stays lean and clean without adding tons of bloated features. I pretty much like it just the way it is. Thanks to the programmers and supporters. I really do like Utorrent the best now - even better than Bit Spirit.
  10. Was a 358 changelog ever released? If so, can someone link to it? Thanks.
  11. I downloaded the 358 build and unlike 356, this does load up and download torrents with no problem in Win 9x. Thank you guys for the very fast response. It's outstanding to be able to run the program again in 98 SE. The same 358 build seems to run fine on my XP SP1 machine, but I'm only using basic features - downloading torrents and such. I'll test the heck out of it to look for bugs and the like, and those can be fixed down the road. I'm just totally glad that 9x support is back. w00t!