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    µTorrent WebUI

    @Ultima Yeap, that's why. I'm sorry for disappointing you. I've powered on my pc with 1920x1200 screen-size only few hours ago and I saw button only now. @lithopsian It's works pretty only when you know about the set button. I hadn't seen it and didn't knew about it, so I never minded about tab-stroking to it.
  2. vrn_vrds

    µTorrent WebUI

    Ultima Gotcha. Set button just not shows on 1366x768 screen-size Another layout problem, I guess. Btw, what about filtered list updating? Is it another problem that appeared only to me?
  3. vrn_vrds

    µTorrent WebUI

    Ultima Well, I've removed settings.dat* and reconfigured all around again, and now column names scrolls too. That's weird. o_0
  4. vrn_vrds

    µTorrent WebUI

    Ultima Well, here is 2 screenshots. http://graf.dyndns.org/.!/scrsht01.png http://graf.dyndns.org/.!/scrsht02.png About 1st problem - enable all columns or size-up one of these to appear a side-scroll (scrsht01). After scrolling to right end (scrsht02), column names remains at same place so we get nice effect with nice result About incorrect list updating - on both screenshots "Active" filter enabled. As you can see, there are many non-active torrents showed up. Also look at http://graf.dyndns.org/.!/scrsht03.png. Textbox for cache size slided down. Another problem - changes in "Advanced options" gives no effect. It doesn't matter what I'm trying to change - gui.update_rate, net.max_halfopen, isp.primary_dns, etc. It shows "default" values for parameters after Apply&OK.
  5. vrn_vrds

    µTorrent WebUI

    Greetings. Maybe I've missed something up and I'm sorry for it, but: 1) When side-scrolling torrent list (too many columns enabled), column names aren't moving and remain and same place so last columns names aren't reachable and readable; 2) There is no trackers tab? 3) Error status still shows only "Error: ??" utorrent - µTorrent Server 3.0 alpha build 24118 WebUI - utorrent-webui.2011012713315785.zip Browser - Chromium 8.0.552.237 (70801) Ubuntu 10.10 (with no plugins) UPD: Error status not showing "file not found" error. "Error: Too many open files" shows properly. Don't know about other errors exactly. Also, torrent list is updating incorrectly. When "Downloading" filter checked, downloaded torrent gets status "finished/seeding/queued seed", but not removes from list. Or, when "Active" filter checked, torrents that become inactive not removes from list.
  6. µTorrent Server 3.0 alpha build 24118 logfile has wrong timestamp: torrent@dahlia:~$ uname -a Linux dahlia 2.6.32-5-amd64 #1 SMP Wed Jan 12 03:40:32 UTC 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux torrent@dahlia:~/utorrent-server-v3_0$ date Sun Jan 30 05:15:32 MSK 2011 torrent@dahlia:~/utorrent-server-v3_0$ ./utserver -logfile ./utserver.log -daemon server started - using locale en_US.UTF-8 torrent@dahlia:~/utorrent-server-v3_0$ tail -f utserver.log [07:55:38] IPv6 is installed