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  1. Thanks, Switeck. Giving v low pri/choking is essentially what I meant. BTW, a "Transmission" client is on one of my peer lists again, it's one of the offenders, and it's version is shown as 0.72Z (letter 'Z'). Since you're a moderator, I'll leave it to you to pass on the message to the uT programming team. (Later) I Googled for Transmission, and came up with pay dirt in a forum article, where member Charles Kerr, one of the program's developers, states his piece-fetching priorities. See If the article is no longer online when/if you need it, I have kept a copy.
  2. See my post just now in "Index » Feature Requests » Prioritizing first/last pieces - enhancements". The "Transmission" client seems to be downloading torrents sequentially from the start. I'm a BT newbie, but I suspect that it's violating protocol. Should the protocol state that clients should ban other clients that are detected doing that?