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    BEncode Editor

    As long as you're using that version, we don't support you. Even if Bencode isnt for me, I dont mind rehashing torrents just so long as you could do a batch (within your various "labels") and point them all to the same "download location." Problem im having is that if you try that now, you can only do one at a time because the dl location has to be the specific torrent and not just the folder its contained within. UT 2.2 Improved set download location/relocate feature (now moves files for you) Does this have anything to do with my querie?
  2. Aten

    BEncode Editor

    If by subdirectories you mean torrents that each have slightly different pathways (depending on genre/tracker) then i guess benencode is not for me. Little uncertain but based on what you said im assuming that it works so long as all torrents belong to the same basic directory. Im currently using utorrent 1.8 and perhaps this has been asked, but does the current version of Utorrent make it is easier when having to move torrents around to different directories without having to rehash 100s of individual torrents (over 3-4 trackers)? Wasnt sure how to ask this querie in seach field. Cheers ultima...
  3. Aten

    BEncode Editor

    Ive upgraded to larger hdd and need some help using bencode. Previously, I divided my torrents up over 3 hdd via various partitions. Im consolidating everying into one drive with two partitions. Got loads of torrents but many belong to the same tracker. If someone could show me an example of how to change from F to G: F:\Music\Track\MA - Hland [FLAC] G:\Media\Music\Track\MA - Hland [FLAC] In Bencodes replace value, i assume you would need Label for tracker and path for directory. Just unclear how it woud look. THe idea is to group a bunch of torrents from the same tracker and change their directory so i dont have to rehash them all via utorrent. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Left Vuze for UT years ago (2006) and havent looked back. Thanks for making my life that bit easier hehe.