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  1. Okay, i want to test. Experienced User, I have got a couple of different systems to test, XP SP2, Wink2 Advanced Server SP4, Win2k Regular Server SP4, And old school Windows NT SP6a.
  2. Please fix the changelog mistake : compatible with future azureus... you mean the current azureus.
  3. ev0|


    can't blame Ludde for wanting to make some money, after all, writing µtorrent doesn't pay the bills. And its still the best client, regardless.
  4. It's just like a little kid in a car going to an amusement park with his parents and saying "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" every five minutes. There is no need to liken me to a child. I'm a 30 year old developer, I was having a little fun by making a papa smurf joke, and i've already had like 6 posts attacking me. Drop it.
  5. there's no need to patronize me, Ultima, you're not a moderator. None of you are, so be quiet. You guys are acting like your word is the be all end all. What are you Ludde's keeper ? I think he or a moderator can speak for themselves and I'm sure they will when they see all this flame-bait. I think this will be my last visit to the forums if this is how it's going to be, because this place is ending up like neowin already.
  6. Oh and the easter egg was cool. It was so much better than microsoft word's easter egg in word 2000 (spy hunter, but not playable)
  7. It's important, that why i keep asking. I'm sorry Icedog and Rafi, but unless Firon or Ludde tell me to shut up, I will raise the issue at least once every 5 betas.
  8. are we near 1.5 yet, papa smurf ??
  9. this has got to be the longest string of betas and the most features added between major releases in µtorrent's history...
  10. wow.. smaller tab icons are better. Man, this thing has got to be close to 1.5.. lets roll it out because the disparity between the 'stable' build and this one is pretty large now.
  11. The icons for the tabs are cool, and I like the icon theme in general. This seems like minor thing in software, but alot of users' perceptions of quality come from very simple things like this. It's just good karma for µtorrent in other words and will only help more widespread adoption.
  12. Well, we must be getting close to a main release now right ? this has been in beta so long...
  13. Wow users will never cease to amaze me. All you have to do is read the message and there is no confusion. But either people are too dumb or too lazy to do that. I can see know why corporate upgrades with new features affecting so many users are held off on for so long. Because of this exact effect.
  14. I can see the flood of less savvy internet users starting already. Although this is no good for firon... it does mean that µtorrent is picking up some huge popularity ! Welcome AOL'ers !!!
  15. Just wanted to add my appreciation. It's inspired me as a developer myself to do better. I hope one day to become as good as ludde. The software is amazing, The features added have more than doubled it's usefulness since 1.0, but we are still less than 160Kb! PE and DHT along with PEX have really made my day. Now let's just get 1.4.1 (should really be 1.5 with those new features) out the door asap, I still see too many people using the stable release so I can't take advantage of encryption and peer exchange yet.