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  1. using 100% CPU on my AMD A6 3670k 2.7ghz @ 3.1ghz using windows 8 x64 RP
  2. went back to 2.0 RC3 X86 build as i have 1500 torrents saved and when i load up utorrent it messes up the numbering and has the torrents in a ramdom order.
  3. can you plz add in always show dialog on manual add back in the next build, when i'm adding in torrents its a pain to change each files to a certian dir.
  4. i found 2.0.3 build 20683 but is not on the site, whats new in this build?
  5. so is this 2.2 going to be updated the same as 2.1 ?
  6. got a bug with latest alpha, the colum settings are not saved when i exit utorrent
  7. Hm, strange. I've already got build 18683. Wonder what's new! where did you get that build?
  8. is 255 in the utorrent settings enables all the settings like utp and tcp?
  9. thank you for the update,. now 2.1 alpha works. i will test out it now.
  10. does not load up on win7 x64 will try a older build and wonder it it will work now.
  11. still crashes when i load it up. here is the crash dump. http://www.mediafire.com/?yzmoiyahmd4