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  1. Rakuten06, I am having the same problem as you are and have not been able to find a fix yet. I have been trying for about a week now. Just curious if you are using a 2wire modem/router.... There has to be some kind of common denominator in all of this. If you get it fixed please fill me in. Thanks!
  2. I understand and completed those changes before posting. I have even uninstalled utorrent, removed all router and firewall rules restarted the pc then reinstalled utorrent and re-added new firewall and router rules with a new port # and it's still not working. I will seriously pay money to the person who can get this fixed for me.
  3. How can i find out if "Trend Micro" is affecting me?
  4. I have uninstalled Ut and downloaded the older versions and have the same problems so i dont think that will fix it.
  5. Well, before posting i took your advice about removing the firewall rules. It didnt work. Before upgrading to 1.7.5 i had no problems but as soon as i upgraded i can't connect to any torrent. It tells me the target machine actively refused it on EVERY torrent. I have the same ISP, I removed the firewall settings and re-entered them on both my windows firewall and my wireless network and I have restarted my pc each time but nothing changes. I can't get Ut to work, any suggestions?
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