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  1. It seems to work like a charm but is it safe? I've traced utorrent process down in task manager and found something weird when I close utorrent. One of utorrent thread holds upon svchost process which does not have actual thread number and the svchost is pending to close another svchost process which has the real thread number but does not exist in task manager (process explorer).
  2. I'll try it and report back, Thank you for your time. ps. The problem is that this was not happening in 3.2.x versions as I do not change anything new but will try to remove setting files and reinstall utorrent.
  3. Sometimes uTorrent doesn't quit when I try to close it. I could find an option for 'Analyze Wait Chain' when right clicking on uTorrent.exe in the detailed info tab of task manager. This showed the message 'One or more threads of uTorrent.exe are waiting to finish network I/O', and listed three threads. One thread of uTorrent has subthread named as svchost.exe.
  4. After updating to 29535, disk overload seems like to be gone to some extent. This is still happening frequently irrespective of the torrents downloading while closing utorrent. That is, it occurs even when every torrent is finished and deleted. The weird thing is that utorrent still uses some cpu (2~3%) even though it is closed with no torrents. It probably hangs when I try to close utorrent from system tray. ps. I'm using windows 8. Anyway, utorrent is my favorite. Thanks!
  5. Hmm, I just wonder if there is anything different with your settings as I'm using utorrent almost by default except for changing cache size to 128M. Well, I don't think so but will try it.... ps. Actually, I've read your post about some tips for uTorrent.
  6. It happens to me. It stays and utorrent should be forced to quit in task manager. By the way, the problem of disk overload seems not fixed completely. As I've described before, it rather takes too much time for utorrent to create big dummy files (over 4GB?). While creating it, caches are filled quickly if download speed is fast enough to fill the cache and utorrent start slowing down with disk overload message. While displaying disk overload message, you can confirm the dummy file is being created by checking the disk usage (writing speed) in the task manager of windows 8.
  7. Finally, I've found one of the reasons of disk overload. When downloading a big torrent file (about 100 GB) with rather fast download speed, it always cause the problem of disk overload. : I'm using windows 8 and the maximum speed of my internet is 11 mega bytes per second. The cache size is customized to 128 MB. For example, starting a big torrent with the download speed of "1MB", utorrent seems to create dummy files while downloading to fill cache. I've tried to enlarge cache size to 500 MB, but still useless. If the process of creating dummy files is not finished before filling the caches, utorrent starts slowing down with disk overload message. It seems to occur whenever it requires to create dummy files. ps. dummy file sizes are rather big too. (about 2G per file)
  8. I had a problem what I'd said all day long but it looks normal now. Really weird. If I find something, I'll be back and report it in more detail. Thanks for your kind responses. Keep Up The Good Work - You're Making A Difference-
  9. "I have the exact same problem. Ever since upgrading to 1.7.5 utorrent eats all my bandwith up. I can not search the web even if I have it at low upload speeds." Dear Firon, I have the exact the same problem. µTorrent does not take all my bandwidth up but I can not search the web. Of course, I tried to completely unload the firewall (zonealarm) in my computer. But it didn't work as expected. There seems to be something worng for some reason. The up/down speed of µTorrent looks normal but I can't surf the web with µTorrent enabled. My profound Thanks for your patiences and such an excellent program for free. ps. I don't have a router and don't use a physical firewall. Of course, There is no anti-virus program running on background. Is there anything must be initialized among the settings? I'm using WinXP SP2.