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    nat error

    Had my first run-in with avirus/worm. Good old Norton2007 claimed it had quarantined the bad bits and everything was fine. Except it didnt restore to its proper state after restarting etc etc. I elected to wipe the hard drive and do a fresh reinstall of XP2 Home and chose to buy AVG Internet security as my new AV program. Is there a guide here for AVG firewall settings to get the best out of utorrent (1.7.5)? I tried doing a search for AVG but got no hits.
  2. i dont know how to send any screenshots but ill read it again( i have spent a lot of time reading the different forums) ill click that link and have a look. thanks for replying had seen port forwards warning about motorola surfboard modems. In response I set up a static ip( with cmd: ipconfig /all) and changed the network connection to not assign an ip automatically. In my original post i had trouble with my secure connection and while fixing it my isp had me hook an ethernet cable directly to the modem. Call me paranoid but it fits with PortForward's warning. Im going to try some of the other tips now-back soon.
  3. thats all well and good....what happens now. My Utorrent managed to download about 20% of a torrent overnite after i corrected some settings in Nortons firewall but it still just sits the with the yellow icon on.... its like there's no-one out there!
  4. think ill do the same oppacker. at least till they fix the bug. ive tried everything i can think of!!!!!!!11