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  1. Just updated from 1.8.5 to 2.0.4, speed did drop bit but was still good for a day or 2. Then it really took dive. I'm so conflicted go back to 1.8.5 or stay With 1.8.5 speed was around 96kB/s-132kB/s With 2.0.4 speed is around 23kB/s - 65kB/s
  2. Actually Holloywood has been making deals with Azureus too. The the 2 main clients that are the driving force in BT develeopment. Keeping them busy with promises of wealth if they secussfully develop a sucessfull method of disturbtion of legal movies online instead of working on new encryptions or methods to overcome BT blocking filter used by most ISP lately. Distract, divide and conquer and its working.
  3. TM Net has even begin to block client to tracker comunication.
  4. "This software will restart your internet access if it has been shut off, not if it has been slowed which how most ISP are trottling BT." Your Modem already has a function to detect if Internet connection is down and auto redial. Just have to set the correct setting. TM Net used to disconnect my connection when my download speed gets to high but my modem/router reconnects back and utorrent reconnects to its peers very fast also. So they stoped this dumb ass method and now they throttle BT using some device during the day time and less during the night. Disconnection and throttling do not work well together so most ISP will be using one of the methods only. Throttling is the latest method to use by ISP who's in the process of upgrading their network or have cash to burn. A better encryption level is the best answer In the mean time let your ISP know what you use your connection for. I'm a BT user, I have no use for a 1Mbs line if I can't use BT. If the BT bloacking keeps up you'll find yourself lossing alot of customers.