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  1. Have spent a coupla days trying to resolve fluctuating speeds in 1.8.3. Given up and reverted to 1.8.2. Seems normal now.
  2. Updated to 1.3 beta a few hours ago. My problem seems to be same as some others in that the u/l-d/l rate is fluctuating wildly ( I better mention I seed alone) Do not think those d/ling will be very happy. Keep it for a day or so and probably revert to 1.8.2. Feel for the downloaders because generally would rather upload than d/l. I reckon it must be a conflict and am going back to try and resolve.
  3. Thanks for the bencode editor -just gonna check outa here and take a peek.
  4. Very interesting THANK YOU for your trouble. Going to start with azureus I am one of those strange people who only need about 3 hrs sleep each night and my work computers are happy at the moment Going to enjoy the next hour or two. As they say utorrent is the best . Me to.I have used at least 8 different including azereus and your old bittorrent. May you prosper and stay the best
  5. Sorry -most of the time my mind is on my work - The computers for that are right behind me. At the moment things are working as i would expect on this one, just 1 seeding and 1 downloading .(normal) Perhaps it is best to leave it as it is as you are not going to tell me how single seeding works . No problem i am just very curious so thank you anyway
  6. ok at moment but have had as many as 1200 peers and but zero to upload - no matter how long i leave it none appear other times a continual fifty to upload to am realy quite happy with it but if you look over the past week i have uploaded(?) around 30gib downloaded probably less than half that and would MUCH rather seed at moment am uploading around 40-50kbs sec dl maybe 2kbs (seeding 2 dl/up1 most of the time i stick to 1or2 unless very small files then maybe 4 no point in saying right now amounts of seeds/peers because it is a ok - Am seeding on a upload 'the story of shaolin ' to 11 peers and dl from public domain tracker VERY slow as only i seeder &inc self 2 peers so that is to be expected it is just that it puzzles me as to how it works have a idea but not sure and i work in algorithms so like to know exactly what is going on May i say i mentioned about instant downloading a week or so ago -think it went in the trash - AOL are investigating closely and i have had engineers sent by them to examine my pc's Nothing wrong but do 'phone me and i them am told it will be a ongoing investigation Tho i will not allow them to examine my work pc's seperate isp anyway and on a seperate circuit My bosses would go balistic if i allowed access to that WISH the instant dl could be resolved tho but do not think AOL will come up with an answer i have a copy of user manual and would love some answers on single seeding cannot find any
  7. I would love to have some info.on how i allways only seed on my own (NOTcomplaining) but it seems to me that sometimes even when there are plenty of peers i am just not wanted and this pains me as i endeavor to upload more than i download I cannot find any info abot this type of seeding Can you give me any please?