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  1. oliversl

    WebUI v0.315

    was the API released yet? thanks, great work!
  2. Thank You for utorrent 1.5!!!
  3. Incredible release! I was holding myself and never tryied a 1.4-beta release, so, all the features I have been reading are just avesome in 1.5! Many Thanks!!!
  4. It is posible to change: "It's reported to work under Cedega with some ... " To: "It's reported to work under Linux using Cedega with some ... " So Linux is mentioned in the SysReqs Thanks
  5. Anyone knows if he is uploading the vote system in another site? Or there is a request for a new site/vote system?
  6. MPAA??? Thats strange and sad Good luck wishes to NiteShadow
  7. I see a "Not Found" error here: http://www.niteshdw.com/utorrent Is just me?
  8. I can see my submision in the RSS but not in the main page of the voting system. Is there a problem with the voting system page? Thanks
  9. How can I know if my request was received and/or rejected? Thanks for the page
  10. Many thanks to the utorrent team for this excelent, excelent bittorrent program!!!