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  1. VenQVist: I think that in a few weeks this will be forgotten since there is nothing to worry about.
  2. Rep0: Why should I take it personally? I do know the rules behind capitalism. However, I think you are a little bit in hurry judging people. I said I know something and your first thought is that I don't know following 443 words trying to teach me something I already know. I understand that there is nothing in the world that can convince you that Ludde will never add any spyware/adware/monitoring into uTorrent because you have had your bad experiences in life and will have a hard time trusting anyone. But with your point of view I'm amazed that you dared to install a closed-source application like uTorrent in the first place =) uTorrent is the smallest and less bloated BT client for a reason. And that reason is not capitalism. And for me, uTorrens is still the only client that can garantee that it will never include spyware/adware/monitoring. And that's not because I think that I know something. That's because I know Ludde. Maybe you should ask yourself why Ludde decided to earn money by selling licences of his software (like the PeerFactor agreement) instead of adding spyware/ads/monitoring (like most other BT clients do) to uTorrent? Still you can point out that Ludde would add backdoors to uTorrent if someone payed him. But I'm sorry. That is not going to happen
  3. RePO: For me uTorrent is the only client that can garantee that it will never include spyware/adware/monitoring, and that's because I know Ludde's philosofy and the reason why he develops uTorrent. Anyway, we all put ourselfs in risk everyday. When you drive your car you put your life in the hands of the car engineers. And if one of those engineers (with the passion of making beutiful and safe cars that everyone can afford to own) signed an agreement to manufacture tires to a bus company (with a history of cooperating with a anti-car association). Then you should really start to get worried and change your car!..? Well. It's amazing to read peoples comments regarding this matter. They think this is the end of the world but in fact nothing has changed at all.
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