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  1. Don't expect much from an Alpha version. There is a beta as well if you wish... Somebody has to do the regression testing...
  2. I just upgraded from 3.3 to 3.4 alpha. I just tried moving the torrent order around by using the toolbar up and down arrow toolbar icon. It works, but only once. I was expecting the torrent I selected to remain selected and allow me to move the torrent(s) up or down when I click on the toolbar icon. This is not happening for me as the highlight on the torrent disappears after the up or down click of the toolbar icon. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jb2f563pihl68zf/ss-20130831-203252.png
  3. Re: 3.0 I see Win2k is not longer supported. Thank you for at least putting that warning in the front of the latest release. The toolbar hadn't been displaying for me for a while on Win2k, but I see why now. I guess I'll stick with 2.2 forever
  4. I upgraded to the latest µTorrent 3.0 from 2.2 and the toolbar has gone missing. I press F4 and it just hides the blank toolbar area. I tried downloading toolbar.bmp and putting it in both %appdata%\utorrent and c:\program files\utorrent but the toolbar still does not appear.
  5. Latest build is still crashing on me. Its worse now... It won't even generate a dump.
  6. > Yep, problem with 100% disk overload. LOL, I have to disable disk caching now after upgrading to latest build.
  7. > - Fix: Don't connect to ports < 1024 when no-connect-to-services is enabled (which it is by default) I read about the DDoS capability potential. Glad you guys addressed quickly. > When the file is 100% complete, it will not try to stream it. I think the expectation of users is that if you click on the green play button, it'll do something like launch VLC to play the file. If it is 100% complete, then do that if its a playable media file. > even if uT stalls while downloading , as it will just let the player "buffer" until uT > catches up. This is not possible to do when opening just the local incomplete file. There are the upsides and downsides to streaming versus playing the !ut file. For the µTorrent launched stream, I'd like to see: 1) a visual display of the seek/track bar to show what areas are playable and what is not. 2) I want the play meter to be able to track, much like VLC It goes again the idea of streaming, but sometimes you just want to see bits of the entire file to know if you want to watch the whole thing or not. Streaming has its point, but tracking has its advantages as well.
  8. My µTorrent notification for 2.2.1 beta build 23551 shows the HTML explicitly instead of a clickable link with blue underlined text.
  9. I get a blank screen. The title bar shows some transfer states, but that's about it. When I use the non-beta 2.0, everything appears ok. On Windows 2000.
  10. > why people use full sequential downloading People want to watch video before the file is complete. VLC can stream an incomplete file as long as the file sections VLC streams are physically on the hard drive. I have unRARed AVI files and started watching the AVI while the AVI file was being assembled. While sequential piece requests (with hit-n-run) does affect availability, I'd like to see a technological solution to address this behavior. Once Project Pheon is complete, users may prefer to use that technology to watch video instead of bittorrent. We'll see.
  11. > New build with the fix. Thanks for fixing the crashes.
  12. Sorry for mix-up. I rebooted my computer and whatever caused it is gone (at least for now).
  13. Why are you assuming that its a 3rd party application issue. I hate it when µTorrent forum users get all defensive about µTorrent.
  14. > So you see, crash dumps aren't always useful without context Are you saying my crash dump is not useful? > LGMSGHK.DLL Its a DLL Logitech Scroll Mouse. > I'm not saying that's definitely the cause of the crash The DLL has been around for as long as I've been using µTorrent. Its never been a problem before. I'm not including a process log unless a BT developer asks me to send it by e-mail.