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  1. wil33z: I need that app dude!! Where can I get it? Thanks in advance!
  2. Noodle


    Domain names ending in * are shown to be from the US, when they actually are from India...can someone please resolve this?
  3. I'd really love to be a part of the beta testing crew. Coming from India, where DSL has just started in the last year or so, speeds here are still not that great..only a couple of ISPs offer high speed unlimited plans, rest all throttle/packet-shape traffic... My PC specs: P4 2.8GHz.Overclocked, 1GB SDRAM, 180+120GB Seagate, WinXP;Professional+SP2, 512kup/down over RASPPPOE Would love to the first Indian to beta test this amazing piece of software. \m/
  4. Good going...keep up the good work, ludde!! \m/
  5. Where's the "debug info" thing gone in 433? I loved to crash my µtorrent
  6. You cant change the icon of the actual application...or can you?
  7. Can we have the old icon back please? I dont quite like the new one.. :-s
  8. Quite frankly, I think centralized trackers--and especially private trackers--should be abolished. Only DHT and PeX should be left for communicating peers to each other. In the world of p2p, everything should readily be shared to and with all who wants it. Then people like me with low internet speeds will never be able to complete downloads of >100MB... No one will seed.
  9. --- 2006-02-13: Version 1.4.1-beta (build 425) RELEASED - Fix: Crash bug with columns <3µtorrent<3