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  1. Using XP SP3, uTorrent 3.0 beta build 25220. In 2.2.1, when you clicked the "play video" icon, that torrent was selected (highlighted) and the video started playing. Now, when you click play the torrent is selected and the play button is enabled, but the video doesn't play, you have to hit play again. I don't think this behavior is intended. I use MPC to play videos and WMP to play music as default in Windows. When "use default player" is enabled in streaming options, uTorrent always opens WMP, not loading any video or audio, even if the file has already finished downloading. Having selected MPC as the media player in streaming options, it becomes the default player for all media, even fully downloaded media, sending the "file outputted by the local buid-in loopback http server" (as explained in the streaming options, because the help file doesn't have help for streaming)to the player, not the downloaded file directly. This causes that MPC opens all the media and that it takes a long time to load already finished files that should load almost instantly (I guess uTorrent makes a dummy file for streaming). Also, if you press the streaming button, the torrent status is changed to "forced download". That's ok, the problem (inconvenience) is that whet it finishes downloading, it becomes "forced seed". I think the expected behavior is to become "non-forced seed", because I didn't force it manually. Even after all this complaining, I like the new version and I will keep using uTorrent. Thanks for the hard work.
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