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  1. Dreadwingnight you seem to be one of few who dont get problems look try this azureus as from your recent post it only seem you have used utorrent, utorrent is rated number one due to the amount of uses using this programe and the funny thing is that the majority of people usiong this dont know what they are talking about thus stealing the fame from programe that deserve it. ie propgrames that have more feature and hard to use. So people who actually know whats going on have an idea DraedwingKnight are u american that would explan you ignorance
  2. Um whats troubleshoot oh thats right you must think im another one of those dumb people like the majority of people in this world that dont have a clue, sorry to say im aussie and i ant as thick as some ofcorse i done troubleshoot still not happy got anouther torrent downloader and it kills utorrent as i said do you use utorrent 1.75 and how much have you used it?????????
  3. ok for starters utorrent 1.75 is really more trouble then its worth ethier go back to an older version or go get anouther torrent downloader ever since ive had utorrent its been ok until i upgraded to 1.75 since then speed has gone to crap and and on a regular basis when ever i clicked on utorrent to change something it constanly would not respond and get very fustrating why should a new comer come in take the spot light from the real stars of torrent downloading, who ever said utorrent rocks needs a reality check sorry but use it heaps and you'll see i dont recomem this no one
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