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  1. Here to cast a vote more for this. I don't think anyone already mentioned this, even though files can be set not to download, the folder structure in the torrent is created which sucks. I won't anymore use utorrent if there will be no solution to this issue - I would be so sad...
  2. µTorrent has been running flawlessly and I'm so pleased. Haven't got any issue. Thanks!
  3. Your idea did it, Hermanm. Getright grabbed the file. Thanks!
  4. Firon, PeerGuardian has never been installed. I've got running Avast On-Access Scanner, and Spybot, blocking IE traffic by its Immunization system; even though both have been disabled, yet I can't download your program. What could be causing that? I can download other clients, so I guess my ISP has nothing to do with that. If there is any alternate download URL that I could use instead... or any reliable source. The file I have downloaded off the Softpedia website (upon installation) says it's not Win32 application - strange! Perhaps I've got any malware issuing uTorrent exclusively?
  5. Hello. I can't download any release off the URLs provided. Are the servers down or anything mine should be blocking them - that I could only suppose would be my ISP, though unlikely. Thanks! Should I really get the version 1.7.5? Or has any major issue been identified yet that compromises the download speed? Thanks!