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  1. when loaded a torrent from the autoload folder or from eg "Bit Che" hangs the program ver 3.3.1 build 30017 (plus) in windows 8.1 x64 preview.
  2. 3.3.1+ build 29213 with built-in antivirus activated unable to finish one torrent every time torrent is finished the program crashes and gives the option to restart, accepted and run under this batch: uTorrent.exe /RECOVER "C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\29213-utorrent.5155.dmp" started with scan of integrity of downloaded supposed that at least 99,9% but sometimes found two or three files corrupted and downloaded again and again crashes when finished and found another corrupted things. only able to download the full batch if in-built antivirus unable in program options, if launched the program alone with no parameters crashes and gives the option to restart and started with arguments like typed above. last time with av unable started, checked integrity and found 99,9% in good condition and only downloaded one piece and finished the downloaded correctly, untill now there had not been any problem with in-built av ?? only thing that not always is done scan at the end or it fails with the warning symbol but nothing else done a manual check and everything fine.
  3. 3.3.1+ build 29213 remote does not save the columns layout and language to display between sessions. Google Chrome explorer version 26.0.1410.3 every time computer is started is cleaned with CCleaner
  4. absolutely agreed that software x32 should be ported gradually and updated to x64 that is the near future instead of still developing for a dead zone (x32) with the inherent limitations of such architecture, well valid in this near past but the x64 version OS are grooving and grooving and I guess that OS and software should be in the same source (x64) moreover when it's expected that next windows 8 would be only in this architecture. of course I'm not firming the roots of a new development, these are only wishes of what I think, for sure that could be absolutely different from another human being thoughts
  5. same to me in version 3 x64 build 25329
  6. brand new computer installed build x64 25329, 1st time looks like that everything is going perfectly, after installation the program started itself, correct. quit from program and started again utorrent, and splash windows for setup utorrent again and again and always remains in the end windows and ask for permission to install but nothing more program doesn't work. ????? computer: ZOTAC Zbox HD-AD02 APU AMD E-350 // Radeon HD 6310 w7 pro x64 Spaniard SSD Intel serie 320 - 120 GB RAM 2x4GB Kingston PC3-10600 CL9
  7. is there any problem with new builds?? still DL link is for build 25230
  8. another issue, preferences - advanced, when clicked for exchange one value the apply button is not highlighted, so you could not see if the value has been updated, yes, you could see that the value is now with a * mark, but is it really exchanged without clicking apply??, that is not available. I really like this native version for x64, I'll be palying up & down to check whatever possible, to try helping for doing on the best way possible.
  9. Going to need to see a screenshot of your preferences - queueing to believe this isn't a setting issue that's the screen shot and the proof of that, over 1.5 and still seeding.
  10. I confirm either. Win 7 pro 64 NVIDIA GeForce 9800 and the torrents don't stop at the stated limit, my case 150% still are seeding over the limit and don't change the icon to ticked one.
  11. Try gui.combine_listview_status_done in advanced preferences. thanks, but no success
  12. marvellous version the x64. now one question: how could be shown the % in the status bar as previous versions (2.2 x32)