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  1. If the torrents you're using have many seeds with higher uploads, then yes getting a better internet package MAY (and in many cases probably will) increase your download speeds. It's not guaranteed though. Like PiusX said, it will always depend on the Seeds and Leechers of the specific torrents you're downloading.
  2. Massive wasted data!! Need help

    If you're on Wifi, try using a wired connection or getting closer to your router/modem.
  3. I was wondering if it was possible to have the Utorrent auto labeler apply multiple labels to a torrent. Originally I thought Utorrent would run through all the rules from the top to bottom and apply rules as needed, but this doesn't seem to be the case. Unless I'm doing something wrong of course. My setup is something like this: Rules: Contains: Group A Label Group A Contains: Show 1 label Show 1 Example of file name in question: [Group A] Show 1 - Episode x - Show Title.mkv When adding a torrent, the label for Group A is applied properly, but the label for Show 1 isn't. PS: Would also like, if possible, to be able to set one of the labels as primary automatically.
  4. Yeah it's a dark theme, but it's unfinished. If I ever get an answer to my question and am able to finish it. then maybe.
  5. So I'm making my own skin, which is going really well so far. The only issue I'm having is when I select an item in either the Download list or Files list. The Background is dark and therefore the text is lighter, so the white highlighting when something is selected. I have searched and searched about how to fix this, but came up empty handed. The only suggestions I've been able to find was related to someone asking how to make Utorrent's background darker, and they were advised to change their windows options so that window backgrounds are darker. Sure changing Windows Options would probably solve the issue, but then I'd have to change every other color setting in windows to match the darker backgrounds, which kinda defeats the purpose of having Utorrent skins in the first place. list_background:343f44 list_alternate_background:000000 list_text:ffffff sidebar_background:ff00ff sidebar_text:ff00ff sidebar_sep_line_gradient_start:bfbfbf sidebar_sep_line_gradient_end:bfbfbf sidebar_sep_shadow_gradient_start:f9f9f9 sidebar_sep_shadow_gradient_end:1b1b1b download_list_highlight:000000 I thought that changing download_list_highlight to black(000000) would do it, but it doesn't seem to affect anything.