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  1. I thought so, in a way, since everyone who has ever had the occasion to look into that folder must know there is also the resume.dat.old file. Anyway, how could I edit a single torrent's path, then? If I was as greedy and selfish to download files only for myself, I wouldn't bother how to start seeding them again. I know other people would appreciate some stuff as much as I do, and I wouldn't like to be the one who "contributes" to the dying of torrents
  2. Hello to everyone I'm new to this forum, but I'm a long, long time uTorrent user, and honestly consider it the best client I have ever used. The reason I'm posting in this thread is because I have problems with seeding some torrents which I had relocated from my PC hard drive to an external hard drive (with folders names changed for clarity and order). I had tried using Ultima's BEncode (which I consider is a great program in regards of the general notion), however it does a little bit more than I would need it to do. Namely, I have numerous torrents, but I don't place them all in one, single folder - I have each torrent in a separate folder, with the folder's name corresponding to the torrent (i.e. F:/My Files/Private/uTorrent/Downloads/Folder Name). When I change the path for one torrent, BEncode searches throughout the whole file, either up or down (as it has in its options), and replaces the newly entered path for a single torrent in all of the torrents. Due to the fact how I have my torrents ordered, I would like it not to do that. I would like to be able to change paths for each torrent individually. As I couldn't achieve my goal by using BEncode, I tried opening the resume.dat in Windows 7 WordPad, and editing it manually. I did everything necessary, which was deleting the fileguard, and replacing paths for each of my relocated torrents. I was even surprised how WordPad didn't prompt me on any problems with characters on closing and saving up. I thought everything would be fine, so I ran up uTorrent (version 2.2.1 Beta), and started a re-check for one of the relocated torrents. To my surprise, it didn't work - uTorrent quickly finished up the re-checking, and displayed I had 0% downloaded. Upon trying to open the containing folder by using the option in the contexts menu, uTorrent opened My Documents folder on my C drive. I then closed uTorrent, opened the edited resume.dat in WordPad again, and noticed that all the edited paths got replaced with the previous ones. What's also interesting, I tried to edit the file twice, and noticed that in the uTorrent's folder in AppData there ar 2 extra files named resume.dat.1.bad, and resume.dat.2.bad respectively. Having sad all of this, can anyone advise me on how to change a path for a single torrent, either by using BEncode or doing it manually? It's just funny that I can't seed torrents just because I had to relocate them