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  1. Wow, I cannot say how greatful I am for µtorrent. I like this much more than Azureus! Thankfully, I found a signature advertising µtorrent at a forum (not sure which one) and said how µ torrent used a low amount of system resources, supports DHT and etc. So I gave it a try, not knowing what to expect. I didn't care much for torrent clients because I always believed that they all have the same purpose, to download files! I know some varies with features, but they aren't important. So I came to the wesbite, clicked download, and waitied for it to finish, which was down nearly instantly (didn't see the downlaod size!) and thought to myself, "This must be corrupt..." And I redownloaded the file, and was amazed again by how fast it downloaded. I then bothered to look at the download size text which said "107 KB" and I was stunned by how small it was. I "attempted" to install the program, but was greeted with the main GUI and I was pondering, "Did I already install it?" So I attempt to look for an installation folder, and check the file property - which lead to no where except the file itself. So I deleted the file, and redownloaded the file and the samething happened again - a GUI screen. So I assumed that the file was the whole program, meaning no more crap being installed onto my computer! I download my first file to test out the client. And I was disappointed - at first, I was experiencing terrible dl speeds with the correct ports opened and the "Network OK" text. Not going to get into this part much as I'm getting tried of typing. So I search the boards for some tips, fixes, and whatever I could get my hands on. I found out that 6881 is a horid port to use since ISP Providers use that port. I applied some tweaks to the advanced options. So I restart and start to download a show with a low number of seeders (~130; I usually download games so I expect 1000+) and amazing the kb/s speed is rising to amazing levels. I usually have 20-50kb/s downloads with Azureus and now, amazingly, I'm getting 145 kb/s!. I was stunned. No matter what file I downloaded with Azureus, I always got around 20 - 60kb/s; so I was shocked. That 145 kb/s download was constant thorughout the download (which took 24 minutes), and I was happy like a Japanese Schoolgirl. That download speed was my impetus to come and register on this board just to say how great this program is. Thanks!