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  1. And maybe add the updated icon too, found in this forum
  2. Utorrent doesn't react anymore when choosing applications (latest build)
  3. DL link still build 25230 here aswell
  4. I really hope we see a new build soon Nice icon, I want to use this one as icon instead of the old one
  5. When u start µtorrent, I think the program is rebuilding the icon cache, cause everytime my icons on desktop go white and then get their image back (just when u start the program)
  6. Yeah, several crashes here too withou a dump file On the laptop I still use the 32-bit version, had a crash, wanted to send to dump file, but it told me, it was not possible to do
  7. Other problem: cannot open the folder sometimes where file is located.
  8. U cannot change the priority once the file is downloading
  9. New version 24767: Utorrent closes itself after a while
  10. Hi, Just installed the 64-bit version (Dutch) on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and only when I want to start applications (skin, map) the program crashes. Where do I find the crashlog? Thanks!