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  1. That's a bad router and by bad I mean it's total crap. It hates even very low UDP usage and it has serious problems with even average TCP usage. Run anything more demanding and it will lock up. Get something better.
  2. That dll is also part of nTune, so yes, uninstall it. All network software from nVidia, including drivers, is seriously broken, it took them 1 year to release usable NIC drivers (67.8.9) that don't either BSOD or cripple SATA performance.
  3. ^^ Same here (and yes, I double-checked that all settings are identical).
  4. As I asked it already and didn't get an answer to my previous post, I have to second Harolds question, WHY ???
  5. @Firon I would still consider that a bug as it's rather pointless otherwise. Not enabling "Seeding tasks have higher priority" isn't an option with private trackers, it's almost a guarantied ban.
  6. ^^Change: remove "Download Limited" behaviour Why? Also, can you please fix queue.dont_count_slow_dl / queue.dont_count_slow_ul, it's not working. I have seeding torrents that don't download/upload at all, but they are still counted in queue and are blocking other queued torrents.
  7. <munched by admin, we don't support or endorse such builds>
  8. One tip for UPX, use UPX 2.93 with options --lzma --best, you will get smaller file than with PECompact and as a bonus, there will be no issues like with PEC.