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  1. That happens in the last stable release (45776) too. The program starts ok, but if you touch in the "Filter torrents" bar then the torrent list is hidden forever.
  2. I've analyzed the utorrent.exe file in Virustotal and this has been the result. It's normal?.
  3. The same thing happened to me and I solved it by replacing again the "license.btkey" file that I received by email when I subscribed, and running it again, when I reopened the program it was again Ad-free.
  4. The last stable version it's not the 45628 from April 4th?, when was released the 45638?.
  5. Beta or Stable? When anyone release a new version, should specify the type of release is next to the build number, or open a stable thread.
  6. To be more exact, it can be removed, but when you restart the application, it reappears, and you have to remove it again. P.S. The last stable version is:
  7. I've updated to last beta, and the number of torrents are of each label (the number in brackets aside the labels) always appear 1, but I've several torrents in each label. Why always apeear 1 althoug add or delete torrents?. http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/9503/ysku.png P.S.: As screen capture is too big, do not embedded this in the message, put the link directly.
  8. What means 'Use fine grained in files with priority' in options?, what does?.
  9. No torrent info is shown in the files' date=' info, peers, trackers, etc. tabs!!![/quote'] Same here (even with just 1 torrent). (Going back to 29579 shows all the info instantly). +1
  10. Try this to fix: 1. Re-sort your torrentlist by "Name" 2. Restart µT 3. Re-sort again your torrentlist by "Completed On" (for example) I tried it, but the problem remain. While the problem is solved, where I can download the previous build (29579)?.
  11. What are the changes in the new build (27026)?.