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  1. Has anyone else noticed that the link to the survey keeps re-appearing in the main window, even though you've participated in the survey already?
  2. Indeed, it's uploaded on a "website which we cannot mention here for some reason".
  3. Uzm


    Tried flags.test.bmp - no issues at all.
  4. Uzm


    @eng: Yep, some of the flags are actually missing. I've WHOIS'ed some IP's by myself and it seems that UAE and some African flags are missing, but nothing major. The good thing is that 99% seems to be resolved correctly (out of 100 connected peers, maybe 2-3 aren't recognised because they're either UAE or some African country). It would be pretty awesome to see this flag configuration with default uTorrent-flags, but that's probably easy to say, hard to work out? EDIT; the updated flags are working fine this time.
  5. Uzm


    Is it just me, or is flags.bmp file corrupted? See the screenshot below. EDIT: if you set peer.resolve_country to "true", it will actually even resolve IPv6 addresses (and even those are recognized correctly, i believe). Also, NET and COM domains are resolved accordingly. I've tried different flag configurations (even test-flag), and all of them are "corrupted" (as per screenshot above).
  6. I'm wondering, is it possible to show how many peers your're connected to through the "Trackers"-list?
  7. Uzm


    I was wondering, why not use standart flags provided by uTorrent? They cool a little bit better than modified ones. EDIT: Found the default flags.bmp (on page 2), but it's in PNG format, and uTorrent woun't read them if you convert it to PNG. rostyk: Only .COM and .NET, remember?
  8. A little bit offtopic: Sawyer22, what software do you use to record videos in flash? I've searching for this software, but can't find it anywhere.
  9. Crashed once i tried to open "Advanced..." once adding a new download. Crash dump:
  10. Never mind about my previous post, everything works all right with build 13485. I had 100% CPU load on 13520.
  11. Same problem as stated above - with uTP enabled - CPU goes 100%, once i start downloading something. Had to turn it off before everything went back to normal.
  12. Uzm


    godlev: "i still cant understand why only .com and .net we can add... ?" Since uTorrent automaticly resolves other domains, than *.com and *.net.
  13. rafi: We'll probably see it very soon (i hope). Or 1.8.2...