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  1. Just wondering, does the WebUI have support for mobile devices, i.e. iphone, android? Or do they view the webui the same as your desktop browsers?
  2. Thanks for the hard work guys. Great update. Has all the features I need now! I had the same issues, I searched for on the forums here and got what appears to be the latest version. I copied it to ~>Library>Application Support>uTorrent and restarted uTorrent and bang webui working wonderful.
  3. Unfortunately, it is still continuing to seed after you hit the selected ratio. It does however, in the eta column, tell you how long you have left til the ratio is met. But once the ratio is met, it continues on seeding, but with nothing in the eta column.
  4. Sound I'll give it a shot tonight, and fingers crossed
  5. Working fine here. are regards, no crashing. Is the ratio issue fixed in 1.0.2?
  6. I'm not trying to annoy the mods/developers. And I am not looking for any time frame. But, with apps for torrent being released a few days ago, I am wondering does this mean the mac developer is back working on the mac client? Or have they left the project? Thanks.
  7. I don't have any crashes, but I do find that if I am uploading more than ~10 files, regardless of whether I am dowloading aswell, that on occassion uTorrent will eat up my CPU. If I quit and reopen it goes back to normal again. Next time it happens I'll take sample.
  8. Working real nice so far. The UI fixes are definitely an improvement. I can finally make out the pieces bar. ;-) One query though, I noticed some references to the webUI in the changes list. Does this mean we shall be seeing the first implementation of the webUI within the next couple of build releases?
  9. It's been working perfectly for me. Ran for about 24 hrs now with no issues.
  10. I'm really liking how utorrent is looking. One thing I noticed, though, the availability, progress and pieces bars in the info pane. It is difficult, at least for me, to differentiate between the shades of blue, maybe the pieces need to darker. But lovin the UI.