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  1. People are still going on about this? Sheesh. Paranoid Patrol 101
  2. I really, really, REALLY, dont get the "If its not opensource, its spyware" approach. I've seen paranoid, But thats like starting your own nazi-like paranoid faction. And that's just slyck-boys. I wonder what kinda of hell would break loose if this was presented on slashd0rkz or something of that sort.
  3. Anyone else can confirm if super-seeding is any better?
  4. There were two easter eggs before. the THX sound, and the now-removed Christmas eCard ;]
  5. I'd suggest to have your hardware checked. Maybe run a few memory test applications aswell as a harddrive one (MemTest86 and SpinRite! come to mind).
  6. Frostmourne: Operanized is being considered as a toolbar, i reckon. No idea about status icons though. Congratulations BSH, And thanks to Determination, shrill and everyone else that submitted a piece.
  7. Thats the Unreal Tournament 2007 logo.
  8. what in damnation is .coop? O_o
  9. It's less of an overall kinda-liked-by-all default, I believe. While most did like it, It's more of a personal taste thing. Tango or even µGnome have that clean and 'standard' look to them.
  10. Yeah, that seemed to cause more connections to be in encrypted mode (in the test we had with ludde, i connected to him after finding him on PEX via silverfire which was already in my peer list, and even though i initiated the connection, and encryption was DISABLED, the connection was in E mode).
  11. Nothing will happen since uTorrent wont ever search the file for anything else besides .net/.com TLD's.
  12. Tango is definitly a clean theme to use for defaults.
  13. Nice. Does azureus behave similar to uT in defaults? As in, No ability to turn off accepting incoming encrypted connections.
  14. Nice work. I'd prefer other colors to the entire green set, but the design is definitly well made.