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  1. I know a few people that have 64kbit upload streams and they have always been able to upload at 5kB/s without harming anything else. Basically, Lowering it any more defeats the purpose of scrweing leechers over. Like I and nefarious said, Even with only 4kB/s, which any 64kbit upload stream should be very well capable of, you get 24kB/s download which is almost all of your line.
  2. Just as a side effect to the last 2 pages of this thread - I've been hitting at least 1:1 ratio with a 96kbps upload. If i can do it, Almost anybody can ;]
  3. Yeah, Other german ISPs were weird cased, like, only works with the capitol letter.
  4. Israel, Im not sure barak does throttle BT, i know some others get away freely. 012 NET definitly does not do anything to BT, NetVision prolly dont either.
  5. Very good work indeed, BSH. I love the first two bees in the last concept you showed us. The first says "OK Dude, You better share. *looks at stinger* get the point?" ^^ The second one has that "Im cute, so pweeease share with me ? :D" xD
  6. Im stunned to say thats a country ive never heard about.
  7. Holy w00tshizzle. Both Shrill's and BSH's bee logo's are really awesome (top-left for BSH, as said). "uTorrent - Do it for the swarm!"
  8. "Oh noes, two more clickz to doing somethingz, omgosh"
  9. the red-bearded viking and shrill's original design still take it home for me :]
  10. If he's a dedicated seeder for lots of sites, that might be a reality. Especially if he has a swedish-type-100mb-dedicated-line connection ;] As a response to a question i was asked, I use kaspersky, and i've heard good stuff about NOD32 aswell.
  11. Wow. If you drew that yourself, You got some skills mister! ;]
  12. Norton AV has a really, really stupid behavior regarding its "Worm Protection" messages. I'd adwise you to get a real AV :]
  13. The debug info is now simply written to the log instead of showing a dialog.
  14. Aint that incredibly stupid of them. What, cant take competition ?
  15. I really like the ninja themes. (1c3d0g; too anime means its very good ^^) Having said that, I'll have to stick with our proud warrior and see what shrill can come up with next.
  16. It does not, It only makes it easier to hack the client :] I wonder if this has anything to do with limited user accounts (that error messagre referring to restrictions).
  17. The last two are nice to base on.
  18. Nope, not domz. I remember a diff. guy, italian or something along those lines (since his english wasnt amazing and he kept apologizing for it). He simply put his files to read only on purpose for whatever reason.
  19. Dont hijack threads for your own use. Use the FAQ\User Interface Forum and you'll find out how.
  20. Actually i remember a person having this issue while seeding, he removed the read only attribute and it worked for him too.
  21. Something else on your computer is doing something to those files. (MSN desktop, google desktop, AV scanning or indexing?)
  22. Shrill's takes first place. The blood cell COULD be second, its a bit too simple right now but the idea behind it stands firm. 3rd would go to the little alien helmet dude.
  23. I agree with both Frostmourne and lament.