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  1. As others I have been an Azureus user, then after finally realizing that I can't play Crysis with a 130MB program running in the background, I found BitComet 0.60 (yes, THAT version). It was *nice*, but I wanted a dedicated Bittorrent client, not a BT client + a HTTP download manager. I've search around for blogs and this "uTorrent" keeps popping up. I first had doubts about how a program that small can perform so much. So one day I tried to download it...oh 200 KB! That's the whole thing? You bet. Fired it up...there is no installer! The thought of "Azureus clone" first went into my mind when I saw the Availability and Downloaded bars and the Peers and Pieces tab. But then again, what Azureus implemented, uTorrent perfected. Small, simple, fast, gets the job done. I've done some marketing buzzwords for my sig for this client Never looked back at other clients again! (I'm using the 1.8 alpha/"beta" now) A big thanks to everyone who is using, developing, and spreading this great software. Rest assured I'm spreading the word. I've converted 5 of my classmates, and the net admin in our university (an Azureus fan) is next! Wahahaha!