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    WebUI v0.315

    And one more. WEBUI ignores my attempts to change trackers list in torrent properties.
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    WebUI v0.315

    Hi to all! I begun use WebUI frequently not so long, because I found DynDNS service only at end of october It is very usable thing, except a few defects. 1. It's not bad to see anywere in WEBUI info, presented in status bar of utorrent - current DL/UL speed, DL/UL limits and DHT status. This info increases traffic a bit, but it is very usefull. 2. Why I can't reorder the torrents? When I clicked by right mouse button, menu items "Move up" and "Move down" not present It is not bad have also menu item "move to top" 3. It is very annoying, that is not displayed nothing in "Tracker" and "General" sections of tab "General". By now, I see two torrents with status "Error [F]", but do not know, what's the error occured P.S. Sorry for terrible English