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  1. Also, there seems to be a bug with the run program functionality. Regardless of what program I call or which parameters I call the program with (e.g. %D %I, etc.), the _first_ parameter is never passed to the calling program. So I pass an additional parameter to my program as a work around. Thanks, Matt
  2. On a separate note, I've found that utorrent crashes on me with some regularity. From my syslog: Nov 7 10:20:17 MediaServer kernel: [329506.117529] utserver[24994]: segfault at 18 ip 08060152 sp bfb447c0 error 4 in utserver[8048000+b9000] Whenever I try to restart it, I get the above error. The utserver.log file is of no help as this is all it ever prints out: [19:59:12] Using locale en_US.UTF-8 [19:59:12] total physical memory -1 max disk cache 33554432 [19:59:16] Loaded ipfilter.dat (269786 entries) [19:59:16] IPv6 is installed I'm running a fresh install of Ubuntu 11.10, 32 bit. I cannot restart utserver without it crashing with the same seg fault until I delete my resume.dat. Though today I found that this seems to be related to the scenario when a seeding torrent's corresponding torrent file gets deleted while the torrent is still seeding. I realize this might cause a problem, but a seg fault and then no way of starting it back up is really unexpected. I'll try to make sure the torrent files don't get deleted while the file is seeding, but this sounds like something can be handled more gracefully. Thanks, Matt
  3. I see. Well you might be able to reproduce it if you have a 32 bit version of Ubuntu 11.10 (latest). Install Ubuntu from CD. Download utorrent. Realize it won't run until you install Install that version of libssl via apt-get. Test calling an external .sh script on state change. Thanks, Matt
  4. I'm very happy with the current release (thanks everyone). But state_cmd scripts complete but are not properly handled. They execute and then become defunct processes. Since there are a lot of state changes per torrent, this can result in a lot of defunct processes laying around. I'm using the latest build (25053) on Ubuntu 11.10 32 bit version. Others have described the problem here: It would seem that the only fix is to restart the utserver every so often, which is undesirable. If this bug could be put on list to fix, that'd be great. Thanks, Matt