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  1. guys everytime i start utorrent3(stable) it recheck the torrent, beside that, i dunno if this only happen on my system (win7 64bit)or no the desktop icon seems like being refreshed anyone have similar issue like me ? i hoping someone can answer my previous question too is there a way to disable re-check every starting up utorrent3 ? thanks in advance
  2. i just installed utorrent3 i found out that every restart utorrent will automatically check each torrent file is there a way to disable this ?
  3. did you do test on your city / country ? speedtest can choose to where we going to speed-test right? mostly if you test to your country it will give either same with your bandwith plan or abit faster (several isp do this because at plan rate it wont achieve the plan speed, so icreasing a bit will give max-rate as the your plan) imho always try test to neighbor country, if you have good international connection, you won't have problem with your internet/utorrent
  4. thanks for the help and info guys yes i have quite lots torrents even though only few torrent active the reason i keep all those torrent is for when someone request reseed, which sometimes its just easier when it listed in your utorrent, although downloading the torrent again wont take much time either
  5. do deleting settings.vcd sufficient ? i haven't done many test, but for the torrent i download at the moment, i feel the download speed slower than usual (i am using 2.0 before updating to 2.2.1) i am hoping i can retain my old torrent (hopefully i don't have each own of them) and also my statistic if possible
  6. its good to have option to disable tray icon, but don't remove it as i believe many people still want/using it (like me) ... especially people using XP/Vista seems want to keep tray icon like in the past