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  1. Overnight i experienced the upload speed limit being ignored again, this is quite a problem for me, as uploads are included in my monthly quota, not to mention when it happens it kills my latency if i'm around. I saw it mentioned on the previous beta thread so i didn't say anything, but im curious if this is being looked into, i know its a rare occurrence (at least for it to go more than 3k over) so its probably gonna hard to fix.
  2. I just updated to 27503 and I still have a single file torrent not working correctly when loaded via magnet but i found something interesting. When i just open the torrent magnet, wait for it to populate and click ok the torrent name and file name appears as Downloads (the save path is d:\torrents\downloads) (same problem ive been having for a while) If i untick the Start Torrent checkbox the torrent name is the file name and the file name is Downloads (closer to working but still not quite). Hope that helps figure out whats going on.
  3. A corner case bug ive noticed. If uTorrent crashes or is closed (eg saying yes to an update dialog) while an add torrent dialog is open, the torrent is not listed when the app loads again (expected and perfectly acceptable) but when trying to add the torrent back it says it already exists and asks if i want to add the trackers so the torrent is dead to me i either have to find a new torrent for that file or use an alternate client (had to install the god awful VUZE the other day to get around that).
  4. Ahh NOW i understand the issue (pictures say a thousand words), thank you. I also noticed i had 2 folders when using magnet links one as the name of the torrent and one with the save as name but after your explanation id say its the same bug (even though its also a multi file torrent issue).
  5. I dont know if what i noticed is related to this issue or not (as "this is only when you select-change to a different folder" doesnt apply here), i havent found any similar reports so here it goes. When adding a magnet torrent, if i click OK before the file list is populated (say i want everything of that torrent so i have no need to wait for it), when it starts downloading it uses the name of the torrent as the file name so i lose the extension and have to go figure out what it is meant to be.